Rose Petal Body Scrub Recipe (And Winner of Natural Body Care Package Announced!)

DIY Floral Body Scrub

Did I tell you that I was working on revisions for Simple Scrubs to Make and Give?

I was. And it’s finally done!

10 new recipes were added, plus extra information about preserving scrubs. (If you have already purchased this eBook you will be send the new version soon).

One of my favorite new recipes is a moisturizing body scrub made with sugar, rose petals, and coconut oil.

I shared the recipe and at Keeper of the Home last month. You can view it here.

vanilla rose scrub

Handmade Natural Skin Care Products from Me!

Last month we also had a little giveaway here for a package of natural body care products made by me.

The winner is: Tracy S. (anew…@)

Congrats Tracy! I’ve emailed you.

Just for fun, here are a few pics of some of the new scrub recipes included in the updated version of Simple Scrubs to Make and Give.

scrubs collage

What it feels like to have an autoimmune disease

what it feels like to have an autoimmune disease

I sat in the rocking hair, surrounded by a chattering, and happy family. It was Christmas morning. I smiled at their joy, but inside I asked myself,

“Is this what it feels like when you are dying?”

The hollowness of my eyes was heavy and throbbing, my stomach churned, my body ached, my nerves were shot, and every morsel of energy was draining away.

Wrapped in a large blanket, I sipped a warm drink, because I was cold. So very cold.

Flashes of the months and years leading up to this moment played in my mind . . .

The many days I was next to tears because I had to leave the house.

The times I pushed the shopping cart around the store, but felt I could barely take one more step.

The overwhelming urge to collapse on the floor as soon as I got back home.

The guilt of needing to rest while my kids could use more of my attention.

The pain of feeling like a burden to my loved ones.

The fear of not knowing what to do burned in my belly.

This fear was quadrupled when I learned that  those with autoimmune diseases are likely to develop more autoimmune diseases.

What? No! Isn’t one enough?

I didn’t know if I could get better.

Not everyone experiences these types of symptoms. For some it’s much worse, for others, it’s not as extreme. (I’ll share more below.)

What is an autoimmune disease?

For those who don’t know  (I didn’t, until I had one!) an autoimmune disease is a disease resulting from a disordered immune reaction in which antibodies are produced against one’s own tissues, leading to the deterioration and in some cases to the destruction of such tissue.” (

The list of autoimmune diseases is ever growing, and it’s possible to have more than one at the same time. Currently there are at least 140 identified autoimmune diseases.

Some common autoimmune diseases include:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (this is what I have)
  • Alopecia
  • Addison’s disease
  • Grave’s disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Pernicious anemia
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lupus

Symptoms of an autoimmune disease

Each autoimmune disease has it’s own set of symptoms, and even with that, they can vary with each person. This makes some autoimmune diseases difficult to diagnose.

In fact, I was not diagnosed with one until I specifically asked for a certain blood test!

Some common symptoms of autoimmune disease include:

  • a general feeling of being unwell
  • inflammation
  • unexplained weight loss or weight gain
  • digestive issues
  • leaky gut
  • brain fog
  • anxiety and depression
  • numerous food allergies

Again, there are many more symptoms, but they will be different to each disease.

How to Get Better

If you suspect an autoimmune disease, I encourage you to make a list of your symptoms and take them to your doctor. Ask for blood work and start digging into your medical history to see if there is any type of pattern.

If you already have an autoimmune disease and haven’t tried a diet overhaul, I highly recommend it. I first started to feel better when I removed gluten, but still wasn’t feeling great. Once I got on the Autoimmune protocol, my symptoms improved dramatically. 

Side note: I want to be completely honest with you and mention that I have struggled a great deal with sticking to a strict diet. There are times when I let it go completely . . . and I feel it. I’ve done this enough times to know that I feel much better when I eat according to the autoimmune protocol (with a few personal modifications).

 The reduction of stress and prioritizing of sleep are two other important factors. The need for these should be taken very seriously.

The Autoimmune Protocol

If you need practical help with healing from an autoimmune disease, I encourage you to check out the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle. The deals ends tonight, so be sure to take a look if you are interested.

Last Day Bundle Square

I am most excited for all the recipes in this bundle. It’s much easier to open a book and know you can eat every recipe included rather than try to adapt other recipes to suit the autoimmune protocol. 

Today is the LAST DAY to get the Autoimmune Wellness Bundle! Don’t miss out!

This is the very first bundle to focus on exclusively autoimmune protocol-friendly resources! It features 45 e-books and 26 discount codes for just $39. That is over 92% off what you would pay if you bought each e-book separately! Plus, you could save hundreds more dollars by taking advantage of the coupon codes! Click here to learn more.

This is the ultimate resource for the autoimmune community!

Included in this bundle:

  • 15 AIP Cookbooks and Meal Plans
  • 15 Lifestyle and Exercise Guides
  • 15 Beyond the Basics e-books
  • 9 Brand-new e-books
  • Best of AIP Cookbook, exclusive to this bundle!
  • 26 Discount Codes for AIP-friendly vendors and products

Here are just a few of the books I’m excited about:

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.22.41 AM

Buying these separately would cost just as much as the bundle! So, am really happy to get them at this price, along with all the other ebooks and coupons.

Get all the details here.


And here are the amazing companies providing coupon codes:

Last Day Coupons


Learn more or buy now. 

If you have an autoimmune disease, what has helped you the most?

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