Chamomile Bay Leaf Bath Vinegar

chamomile and bay leaf bath vinegar

I first learned about making bath vinegar in the gardening book, The Bountiful Container.

The idea seemed intriguing. Vinegar in the bath, how could that be a good idea?

Well, here’s why:

  • vinegar helps restore skin’s natural pH level
  • may relive pain of sunburn
  • cleanses and detoxifies
  • softens skin

Add herbs to the mix and you’ve got even more benefits.

The heat from the bath water allows the fragrance of the herbs to diffuse into the air, making an herbal vinegar bath an aromatic experience.

So, this bath is not only good for the skin, it’s good for the senses, and in turn, your overall well-being.

Create your own herbal bath vinegar by using herbs you enjoy (just be sure they are safe for the skin).

Today, we will be creating a chamomile-bay leaf bath vinegar.

How to Make Chamomile Bay Bath Vinegar

bay and chamomile

The herbs in this bath vinegar make a soothing and relaxing bath.

Chamomile is also useful in treating dry, chapped skin. Bay leaf is said to aid in relieving sore muscles.

You will need:


Add 1/2 cup dried chamomile flowers and 2 bay leaves per cup of vinegar.

You will need one cup of vinegar for each bath treatment. So, if you are making enough for one bath, only use the amount listed above. If you want to make a larger amount, multiply as needed.

chamomile bath vinegar

Place herbs in the bottom of a glass jar and fill with vinegar.

Close lid and leave for a week (or even two).

Strain out the herbs and re-bottle the vinegar.

When gifting, be sure to include the instructions:

Add one cup of vinegar to a warm bath. 

Soak for at least 15 minutes.

It is also a good idea to include the ingredients in case someone is allergic to one of them.

chamomile and bay leaf bath vinegar - A Delightful Home

shg 5This is Day 20 in the 31 Days of Simple, Homemade Gifts Series. 

Handmade Gifts {Simple Sewing}

handmade gifts - simple sewing

A seamstress I am not, but I still find it enjoyable to get out the sewing machine every once in a while, or create something that involves a little hand sewing.

Today I’m sharing a few tutorials for handmade gifts that involve simple sewing. Nothing outrageous. Just simple.

Hand Sewn Journals – Martha Stewart

hand sewn journals - martha stewart

Image via Martha Stewart 

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Muslin tea bag

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Beginner Clutch or Make Up Bag @ That Morris Family

Sewing school 101

If you want more simple tutorials, or you’d like to learn to sew, I encourage you to check out  Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get Your Stitching.

It’s full to the brim with straight-forward, easy-to-follow instructions.

Nicole has created wonderful tutorials that teach the basics of sewing, but also help you create real products you will want to use in your home, including a simple pennant banner and a refashioned tank top. 

I love how everything is broken down into simple steps and lots of color photos are included to help make everything easy to understand. 

Creative Video Workshops on

Creative Bug has some amazing looking online classes, too. Start with a free trial now!

Do you sew?

This post contains affiliate links. 

shg 5This is Day 19 in the 31 Days of Simple, Homemade Gifts Series. 


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