8 Delicious Chocolate-based Recipes for Valentine’s Day

8 Delicious Chocolate-based recipes

Valentine’s Day and Chocolate just seem to go together.

If you’d like to make delicious chocolate treats, that are not full of junky ingredients, I’ve got a few real food recipes for you. These are all recipes we’ve made (and enjoyed) in our home:

chocolate coconut bars

Chocolate Coconut Oat Bars – These are a family favorite. So rich, yet not too sweet. Delicious!

herb infused chocolate truffles with mint

Herb-Infused Mint Chocolate Truffles – I love that these use real mint leaves. I’ve got to say, I feel super fancy when I make these, but they are not difficult to prepare at all.

family favorite oatmeal cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies – a reliable recipe for an old favorite.


dark chocolate brownies

Dark Chocolate Brownies – My husband’s favorite brownie. I now make these with gluten-free flour, and they taste just as good.


Decadent Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge Sauce – This hot fudge sauce is perfect for pairing with vanilla ice cream and topping with chopped nuts.

hot cocoa mix

Quick and Simple Hot Cocoa – this mix is fast to put together and makes a delicious hot chocolate!


chocolate ganache

Rich and Dark Chocolate Ganache with Cookies and Clementine

And for a non-edible treat, you might enjoy these easy-to-make lotion bars:

chocolate peppermint lotion bars

Chocolate Peppermint Lotion Bars

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paleo dessert cookbooks

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paleo bundle

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