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Peace in the Kitchen: Avoid Toxins

I hate to stress about chemicals flying around my kitchen; it is an extra thing to worry about and plain unnecessary. Having my counter tops covered in chemicals and breathing in toxic fumes while I clean, is a long way from peace and joy for me. Harsh, toxic chemicals can easily be avoided by making […]

Peace in the Kitchen: Use A Timer!

Ah, the kitchen timer.  So simple, yet so effective! Be warned: this post is going to reveal my highly distractible nature :) A few days ago I woke up to the faint smell of bread in the air.  I lay there for a minute trying to figure out where this aroma was coming from.  Then […]

Peace in the Kitchen: Write In Your Cookbooks!

Have you ever made a meal only to find out it was the same recipe you used last year that no one liked?  Or is it just me who does that? The recipe pictured was one of those occasions.  I was so happy to have dinner prepared when my husband came home, the house smelled […]

Kamut Oatmeal Cookies

New grains are fun to try.  They are less scary and intimidating than other new foods, but just as intriguing.  At least for this ex-vegetarian anyway. Kamut is actually the brand name of a variety of wheat called khorosan.  It is often tolerated well by those with wheat allergies and is frequently substituted for wheat […]

My Go-to Recipes From Around The Web

It’s Kitchen Week here at Delighting in the Days! Since the kitchen is often the hub of the home, and also happens to be one of my favorite places, I’d like to dedicate the next few days to sharing a few tips on creating and maintaining a peaceful kitchen! Let’s kick things off with some […]

Spicing Up Leftover Pasta

Cold, leftover pasta is often not very appetizing.  And unless there is a lot of sauce, it doesn’t reheat very well. Thankfully, a recent botched recipe led to a delicious discovery.  Don’t you love it when that happens?  Now I’m happy to have leftover pasta! I make this all the time. Baked Pasta This will […]

Visiting Earthbound Farm

A few years ago I was able to visit Earthbound Farm in Carmel Valley, California.  It was fun to go to the farm since I have purchased a number of Earthbound products over the years.  I was recently able to go back and had a lovely time yet again! Spending some time with my family, […]

10 ways to fit in exercise with kids underfoot!

A mom who feels good physically is better able to handle the stresses of life.  Being physically fit promotes happiness and confidence and also gives you energy! Finding the time to exercise with little ones around can be a challenge.  Here are a few suggestions for exercising with little ones at home. Some you have […]

Send them flowers…

Image from stock.xchng My husband is preaching a funeral tomorrow.  He is working very hard to consider all things and do a good job. I love him for that. I expect there will be flowers and tears from those who cared for this lady.  Laughter may mingle with heartache as her loved ones recall the […]

This blog in a few words….

I am currently taking part in a blogging challenge with the hope of making Delighting in the Days a better and more useful blog.  I want it to be more than my thoughts and ideas, I want it to actually be helpful to you as a wife and mother, because you ladies are doing important […]