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Nutritious Chocolate Coconut Drink

One day soon I will write a post about the health benefits of coconut!  In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this little recipe.  It is one our family’s favorite healthy drinks. Thick like a milkshake, this beverage truly satisfies. The basic recipe contains coconut milk, bananas, cocoa powder, maple syrup and vanilla. It […]

A little morning update…

A few weeks ago I set out to maximize my mornings. It has been a bumpy ride, but most new habits encounter some resistance at first. I’m not giving up yet!  This post is a little update. (And a true testament to just how un-with-it I can be.) Before I start, can I just say […]

Rainbow Rice Salad

Yesterday I mentioned that Almond Brown Rice would be lovely as a base for rice salad.  Well, today I tested out that theory and am pleased to report that it was proved true.  The following is the recipe I used to make the salad in the above picture.  It could easily be adapted to your […]

Almond Brown Rice

Almond Brown Rice is a simple, yet surprising variation for brown rice .  It can be used in most recipes calling for plain rice.  Lovely as an accompaniment to chicken and vegetables, it is also great in casseroles and excellent as a base for rice salad.  The addition of wheat berries or wild rice makes […]

How to Peel a Peach

With canning season upon us, it seemed like  a good time to share this little tutorial. I was so happy to learn this new skill a few years ago.  It is much easier than trying to cut the skin off a fresh peach, and saves a lot of  time! Step One Put a large pot […]

Parenting: Part Love, Part Guerrilla Warfare!

The picture above is of my parenting and marriage books.  It shows how much help I have needed along this journey called “motherhood” (and wifehood)!  I think most of them were purchased on bad days when I felt completely overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do.  Judging by the amount of books I […]

Kiss Vicks Goodbye – DIY Chest Rub

When we are sick, many of us reach for the Vicks Vapo Rub.  I often have, hoping it would ease my congestion.  Over the past few years I have grown more wary of using any petroleum-based products, and have sought more natural means of dealing with colds and congestion. I was going to save this […]

Watermelon and Feta Salad

Watermelon and Feta Salad has intrigued me for some time.  Even though I thoroughly enjoy both watermelon and feta separately, combining them was not something I could imagine. Finally deciding to give it a try, I was pleasantly surprised.  It is fresh, sweet, and salty. My five year old son also enjoyed it.  However, I […]

For A Season

The early years of raising children can be extremely challenging.  Sweat and tears flow as we strive to teach our little ones.  Nights go unslept as we cradle a sick babe in our arms.  Physical and mental exhaustion creep in as we go without rest and recuperation. As a new mother I remember feeling weary […]

Surf and Turf e-course

Cheeseslave has an excellent blog which is filled with informative posts regarding real food.  Her e-course, Surf and Turf, will be starting soon and it looks wonderful!  I am seriously excited because this course provides in-depth lessons on preparing and cooking seafood and grass fed beef!  Two things I struggle with.  Ye-haw! Another blog I […]