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Lip Balm Tutorial

I shared how to make your own natural lip balm over at Saving Naturally today. There’s even a little video :) It is SO easy! I hope you’ll be inspired to give it a try.

In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics Giveaway

When I stumbled into the world of real food, it felt like home. I’ve always had a thing about eating good food, but I hopped around between different views and was never sure about the best way to eat. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and obsessed with eating “low-fat”! All throughout my quest […]

A Quick Family Update

Hello friends. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. We enjoyed ours. It was the second one without our dear Grandma (although last year doesn’t really count since I was still in the post giving birth stupor).  It was her big holiday, so she is especially missed during this time. We had a peaceful […]

My Favorite e-books on Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Four of my favorite e-books are on sale this Friday (and some on Monday too). I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to get them at such great prices. I have purchased all but one of these books myself (the one I didn’t purchase was given to me). Each one contains valuable  […]

How to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner without gaining weight!

Image by Tuchodi Today I’m posting tips about how to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without gaining a pound. You can read them at Real Fit Sisters.

How to Make a Muslin Tea Bag for an Herbal Bath

A simple way to enjoy an herbal bath is to throw some herbs inside a muslin tea bag and let it float in the water. Muslin tea bags are easy to make, even for those who have very few sewing skills. (Believe me, I know!) They make a lovely gift too. Herbs of almost any […]

Expectations getting the best of me?

I tried to speak in a kind voice. But I wanted to yell, “Leave me alone!” I wrested inwardly over something that seemed ridiculous. “Why can’t I ever do what I want to do!?” Sounds delightful, eh? What was I trying to do? Exercise. I wanted to finished my workout and my son had lots […]

Introducing Real Fit

UPDATE: We moved Real Fit Sisters to Real Fit Moms. It has a new post or two. I have a wonderful sister. She is one of my very best friends. The sad part is, she lives in Australia and I live in the USA. I miss her. We decided it would be fun to work […]

Homemade Belly Butter

I mentioned on my facebook page that I had a post about making your own, all-natural, belly butter on Keeper of the Home, but I never did link to it here! So now I am! This is a very easy recipe. Just mix, melt, and pour. It’s soothing to itchy, dry, stretched-to-the-max bellies, and smells […]

Cranberry Cheese Bread

A unique sweet bread that is perfect for gift giving. Bursting with cranberries and nuts, this loaf has an undeniable holiday feel. The recipe includes cheese, but doesn’t taste like cheese! I promise. Cranberry Cheese Bread 3 cups whole wheat pastry flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup […]