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Fennel Tea for Colicky Babies

I’m sharing how to use Fennel Tea to calm a colicky baby over at Frugal Granola today. Here’s an excerpt: If you are the mother of a colicky baby, you know how very difficult it is to listen to your sweet one cry day after day. Your baby is warm, dry, and well-fed, but remains […]

Servant Daddy (simple game – lots of fun)!

Servant Daddy is a game  my kids adore.  Although this is our own invention, I’m sure many families have their own version of it. My children enjoy playing Servant Daddy so much we use it for rewards and gifts. In fact, this past Valentine’s Day both kids received Servant Daddy coupons and they were thrilled. […]

Soup for the Spring and Summer

Something about soup speaks peace to me. As long as there is enough time to prepare it. Chopping, sauteing, stirring…it’s a comfortable ritual. Then comes the lovely aroma that fills the house and lingers, saying we are blessed. And yes, even in the spring and summer (especially spring). It’s such a great way to use […]

Crafts for Kids: Frilly & Frugal Flip Flops

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Hiccups In Time about using plants to clean the air in your home, and I’m excited to welcome Beth from In Good Cents to Delighting in the Days: God has a sense of humor. I’m fairly certain that’s why he gave […]

Keep On Keeping On (and a picture of my living room)

I wrote yesterday about my messy tendencies and wanted to quickly share my clean living room: There are little bits on the floor that need vacuuming, the shelves are still overstuffed, but it’s not terrible, right? I don’t think so. I’m happy with it. It’s lived in. My desire is to make my home a […]

Messy Confessions and a 31 Days to Clean Giveaway!

Confession: I am messy! (If you are not interested in messy confessions, and just want to get to the giveaway already, scroll down :)) As a child, my bedroom floor was usually covered with stuff. It didn’t cause me too much trouble because I had an uncanny way of knowing exactly what was in each […]

Becoming a Better Mother: Remain Steadfast!

This post could also be titled: keep your focus! Steadfast can be defined as: 1. Fixed or unchanging; steady. 2. Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving ( When it comes to our kids and the goal of heaven, this is what we want to be like. As a mother, the road can seem long. Sometimes endless. […]

Giveaway Winners

The winner of the Tropical Traditions Shredded Coconut is Pamela J (pj…330@) The winner of the Against The Grain e-book is Jennifer (whitewavesus@) Both winners have been notified with further instructions. Thank you all for entering! I have two more awesome giveaways coming up right away. Stay tuned…

Exploding Bath Salts?

Thanks to Michelle from Open Eye Health for alerting me to a possible danger associated with storing bath salts made with baking soda in a glass jar! I have never had this happen to me, nor have I heard of it happening before. Every book that has suggested giving bath salts as a gift and […]

When small things are BIG things

Image by Andrea Pokrzywinski (I wish I’d been able to take my own picture, but my camera was among the messes described below!) This afternoon I sat on a chair, acting as a barrier between my 18 month old and the floor. She stood next to me eating blueberries happily. I looked at the table […]