A Day in My Life (plus a few extra pictures)

Last Friday I shared a post at Keeper of the Home in which I gave a play by play of one day in my life.

I meant to tell you about it last week, but I forgot. Or was too busy to sit down.

This will make perfect sense to you if you read the post. I did not hide my tendency to hop from one thing to the next or my innate ability to forget things rather quickly.

Once you read the post you might have a better understanding of what I'm doing when I disappear from this blog for days (or weeks) at a time, or why I take forever to reply to emails and phone calls.

Before you head over to read the post, I wanted to share a few pictures that I left out:

We had protein pancakes for breakfast.

One of my kids made a face in their pancake:

It kind of looks like a baby with a little sprig of hair on top. But then again, it's a bit scary. No?

My littlest one busied herself with some tea party play while I helped my son with his school work:

We put away soaked and dehydrated walnuts in our afternoon clean up time. I thought posting that I soaked and dehydrated nuts might make me look cool, but then I realized how long they had waited to be put away. I won't tell you how long. Sigh.

Do you want me to create a tutorial on soaking and dehydrating nuts? It's simple and makes them much easier to digest.

I had a clean kitchen by the end of the day!

Well, I did have to put that pot away. But still, clean!

Do you know what a victory this is?

I feel so good when I wake up in the morning and see this rather than a big mess? I just love it.

Click here to read the full post at Keeper of the Home.


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Stacy Karen

Stacy is a DIY obsessed, healthy living advocate. A preacher's wife and mom of three, she loves to encourage others to live a natural lifestyle.

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