Real Food Basics Winner and a Discount Code

The winner of the Real Food Basics e-book is Charity! Congratulations Charity. I love having the opportunity to give away great products to all of you. I just wish everyone could win 🙂 For those who didn't win and would like to buy the book, Kate has graciously offered a discount code for 25% off: DAYS25. That makes the book only $5.22.  A very good deal! As I said in my review, this e-book is written in an easy to understand manner and is a great introduction to real food. It also contains over 25 delicious recipes! I highly recommend...

Lip Balm Tutorial

    Making lip balm is quick and easy when you know how. It’s a useful and enjoyable gift. I hope this tutorial will encourage you to try making some of your own! This recipe was created to make a fairly solid balm, more like a chapstick. I wanted something that could be kept in my pocket without melting! It is easily adapted to make a softer or firmer balm. Increase the oil to make it soft (but be sure to put in a small pot as it won’t work in a tube), add extra beeswax to make it more...

A Quick Family Update

Hello friends. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. We enjoyed ours. It was the second one without our dear Grandma (although last year doesn't really count since I was still in the post giving birth stupor).  It was her big holiday, so she is especially missed during this time. We had a peaceful day, although the kids were absolutely starving by the time dinner was ready! This was quickly rectified for my son with  a HUGE turkey leg. It’s been a while since I mentioned anything about my little family, so I thought it was time for a...

My Favorite e-books on Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Four of my favorite e-books are on sale this Friday (and some on Monday too). I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to get them at such great prices. I have purchased all but one of these books myself (the one I didn't purchase was given to me). Each one contains valuable  information that has benefited me and I think it will benefit you too. I'll list each one below. Make note of the coupon codes, you'll need those to get the great prices I'm quoting! Healthy Snacks to Go is my favorite snack cookbook EVER! I've...

How to Make a Muslin Tea Bag for an Herbal Bath

A simple way to enjoy an herbal bath is to throw some herbs inside a muslin tea bag and let it float in the water. Muslin tea bags are easy to make, even for those who have very few sewing skills. (Believe me, I know!) They make a lovely gift too. Herbs of almost any variety can be added to the tea bag. Lavender and chamomile would provide a relaxing bath, while basil, lemon, and orange rind would be more invigorating. I'll be sharing an energizing bath tea recipe at Frugal Granola soon. Here is a quick video explaining how...

Expectations getting the best of me?

Expectations getting the best of me? |
I tried to speak in a kind voice. But I wanted to yell, “Leave me alone!” I wrested inwardly over something that seemed ridiculous. “Why can’t I ever do what I want to do!?” Sounds delightful, eh? What was I trying to do? Exercise. I wanted to finished my workout and my son had lots of questions and comments! He wasn’t getting in the way, but my brain was just having a difficult time processing his questions and following the DVD’s instructions. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He is a kid. He has questions and comments. (And funny ones at...

Homemade Belly Butter

Homemade Belly Butter |
I mentioned on my facebook page that I had a post about making your own, all-natural, belly butter on Keeper of the Home, but I never did link to it here! So now I am! This is a very easy recipe. Just mix, melt, and pour. It's soothing to itchy, dry, stretched-to-the-max bellies, and smells good too. Read all the details, with step-by-step instructions, at Keeper of the Home.

Cranberry Cheese Bread

Cranberry Cheese Bread |
A unique sweet bread that is perfect for gift giving. Bursting with cranberries and nuts, this loaf has an undeniable holiday feel. The recipe includes cheese, but doesn’t taste like cheese! I promise. Cranberry Cheese Bread 3 cups whole wheat pastry flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 1 cup Sucanat ½ stick butter 1 egg 1 cup buttermilk ¼ cup orange juice 1 Tablespoon grated orange zest ½ teaspoon vanilla 1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts 1 cup shredded cheese 1 1/4 cups dried cranberries Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. In a small...