Carrie Raab Interview – Part Two – Cooking with Essential Oils

Did you enjoy learning a little more about Carrie Raab and her experience with essential oils in the last interview? I did.

Today she answers a few more questions for us, including how Young Living essential oils and are different and why she cooks with them!


What makes Young Living Essential Oils different to other essential oils? 

This article helps share… it doesn’t do it full justice though!

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are largely not recognized by established quality.

Organizations like AFNOR and ISO concentrate on perfume oils—oils not intended for increased health and wellness. “Therapeutic grade” is a term that Gary Young standardized in the mid 1990s to separate the quality of pure essential oils from perfume-grade oils.

Unfortunately, as essential oils have become more popular, many companies include the term therapeutic grade regardless of their quality standards or processes. The common use of this term has created confusion in the market.

Something you might not know is that Gary Young(founder of Young Living oils) has been growing, testing, distilling, researching, and using essential oils for more than 25 years.

Gary has brought together, under one brand, more singles and blends of oils than any other company in the world. This is his life’s work.

He has pioneered many of the techniques and written the book on essential oil use. He may very well be the world’s foremost expert on essential oils. He is dedicated to this work and with the company’s growth, he has hired and trained hundreds of people to assist in this endeavor—to deliver from Seed to Seal, the highest quality naturally occurring essential oils to Young Living members.

Question: I have seen other essential oils on the market claiming to be pure and of high quality. What makes Young Living oils different? What clues should I look for when evaluating other oils?

Answer: We recommend that you do a little homework. Here are some questions to get you started:

• How many years has the company been working with essentials oils?
• Does the company own and operate its own essential oil research farms? If so, how many farms?
• Is the company proficient in distilling oils?
• Does the company offer a broad enough offering to take care of your health needs?
• Does the company test essential oils to ensure that there are no adulterations? Do they use in-house labs to test each batch? Do they use independent labs to validate their own findings?
• What does the company do in its processes and procedures to guarantee accurate plant identity and oil purity?
• Does the company routinely visit its suppliers to ensure the best manufacturing practices are followed?
• What peer-reviewed research has the company published? Have they tested their oils in clinical settings?
• If the company claims its products are “certified,” specifically which essential oil experts have certified it?
• How has the company established its oil standards? How do they know they are selling oils containing the right amounts of constituents to be effective?
• Are the company’s oil standards based on their own library of thousands of researched articles, thousands of essential oil gas chromatograph tests, and data from hundreds of thousands of user experiences?
• Does the company have in-house expertise and commitment to quality assurance?

Young Living does and meets all of these… can you say the oils that you use, do all that?

Gary Young, the founder, is a Christian and he prays over the oils and the farms.  He has farms in the US and in other countries of the world!

Here is a video showing the Sees to Seal Process:

I notice you cook with essential oils, can you tells us a little about how and why you do that?

Here’s an article I wrote that helps share why essential oils are better than fresh/dried herbs and why you should use them:

Essential Oils Versus Herbs

Being concentrated, the essential oils contain virtually all of the plants healing nutrients, oxygenating molecules, amino acid precursors, coenzyme A factors, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins, hormones and more. And because they are concentrated, Essential Oils are from 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they are derived from.

Unlike dried herbs, which lose up to 90% of their healing nutrients and oxygen molecules, essential oils do not. Best of all, 100% pure, therapeutic Grade A Essential Oils are freely available and safe for cooking and home use. They are not considered medicine by our governments regulatory agencies, but best fall under the food category.

Essential oils have a chemical structure that is similar to human cells and tissues. This makes essential oils compatible with human protein and enables them to be readily identified and accepted by the body. So let’s start using essential oils in our cooking for you and your family’s vigor and strength!

Again… people must know they can’t get any essential oil and cook with it! Read your labels!  Does your lavender, or peppermint or ginger oil say, not for internal use?  If so… THROW IT AWAY!  It is NOT pure!  You have a fragrant oil.

**** The FDA only requires 2-3% of the essential oil to be PURE for the bottle to be labeled “pure 100%”  The other 97% is filled with fillers, chemicals, toxins… the buyer does NOT know this! This is what needs to be shared!

PURE essential oils are costly! You can not buy a pure lavender oil for $8-10 dollars! It is not the finest, purest form of lavender.  It is more in the lavendin family… do your homework, do your research!

I have several “oil” friends who have been using essential oils for years, they were very hesitant to ‘switch’ to Young Living.  They also didn’t like the price. . .they were comfortable with paying for cheaper oils. Not until you try, smell, and use Young Living oils will you truly KNOW the difference!

Your life is worth it!  You can not put a price, dollar amount on your health!  If people gave up their coffee at Starbucks, or their daily coke habit, or stopped buying zyrtec at $30 a bottle… they could use that money to buy what their bodies really NEED and WANT!


I love Carrie’s passion for healthy living and desire to help others lead a full and happy life. I have learned a lot form her and am looking forward to trying some essential oils in my cooking!

If you want to see Carrie in person and hear her cute voice, be sure to check out the video in this post.

Visit Carrie at her blog: Young Living Oil Lady
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Carrie is more than willing to answer questions, so go ahead and ask if you have any.


  1. We use our DoTerra oils every day in my house. Lemon grass, lavender, melaleuca, my hubby takes their digest zen blend daily with great results! I can’t tell you how many diferrent things I’ve cured around here or when the last time my children went to the Dr. for more than a check-up. She (doc) always look at me curiously & comment on how they haven’t seen me in awhile (((check chart))). “Healthy kids!” She says. Every time. I chalk it up to breastfed, as organic as I can possibly afford anything, NOT being afraid of germs, &my DoTerra. I will def be comparing the 2 for price & effectiveness. There aren’t very many out there that are ao pure you can ingest them. Thanks for the info! I LOVE your blog & thank God for you & your insight daily!

  2. Hi, are any of the EO’s organic?

  3. Hi – wonderful and useful information on your site. I have a question which hopefully you can easily answer. I would like to make y own scented drawer liners for a newborn baby and was wondering which oils you recommend, if any at all, given that the clothes will be in the drawers with the fragrance?
    Thanks in advance