Peace and Joy During the Holiday Frenzy {High Five Moms’ Podcast}

Does everything seem to spin at dizzying speed during the holiday season? I know it gets that way for me. And I don’t want it to. Last week the High Five Moms got together (via the internet) to chat about how we maintain peace and joy during the holiday frenzy. I’ve got to say, I […]

Peace and Joy at Home {Day 14}: Foster Sibling Relationships

Image by Horton Group Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk. ~Susan Scarf Merrell Siblings have the potential to be our best friends and confidants. Sibling relationships are the ones that help us learn how to get along with others, how to serve, […]

Peace and Joy at Home {Day 13}: Clean Your Home Naturally

So, using non-toxic cleaners may not be as important to crafting a home full of peace and joy as developing loving relationships. But for me, it does bring a sense of calm and serenity as I relax, knowing there are fewer toxins flying in the air. It also brings joy because the kids can help […]

Speed Clean the House (with your kids) One Song at a Time

Peace and Joy at Home, Day 12: Speed Clean the House (with your kids) One Song at a Time. (My living room – after a tidy up) Do you think it’s possible to get the house picked up quickly with your children, in a way that is fun, silly, and simple? Today I’m going to […]

Peace and Joy at Home {Day 11}: Seek and Pursue

For, “Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer, but […]

Delightful Links for the Weekend: Home Remedies and Body Care

Day 10 in the 31 Days of Peace and Joy at Home series. {The above picture is of products that can be made with the My Buttered Life e-book from MadeOn} Like Ponder the Path on facebook and receive a free download of her e-book Simple Beauty: Easy Handmade Beauty Products. Savvy Teas and Herbs […]

Peace and Joy at Home {Day 9}: Leave Guilt Behind

This is Day 9 in the Peace and Joy at Home series The following image is not meant to suggest that moms are like bulls, but rather that we often carry a heavy load. Just wanted to make that clear :) Mommy guilt is universal. Sadly, much of it is self-imposed. Often we pile unnecessary […]

Peace and Joy at Home {Day 8} – Learn Simple Home Remedies

This is Day 8 in the Peace and Joy at Home series. I know that many of you already use home remedies in one form or another. For those who don’t, I’d like to encourage you that really is quite simple. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that […]

Adding Peace and Joy with House Plants

Day 7 in the Peace and Joy at Home Series. Plants help bring peace and joy to a home by cleaning the air and providing a touch of beauty. It is amazing to think that little green plants actually clean the air. Or maybe it isn’t. God is our genius designer after all. Scientific studies […]

Peace and Joy at Home: Accept and Affirm Your Child’s Personality

Day 6 of Peace and Joy at Home Last Thursday I had two great blessings in one day: this post from Sally Clarkson, and reading chapter 7 in Seasons of a Mother’s Heart. Both convinced me of the need to embrace the unique personality of each of my children. To see them as made by […]