Favorite Books on Natural Skin Care

DIY Natural Beauty Links

Skintervention by Liz Wolfe DIY Beauty Recipes by Heather of Mommypotamus Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles Make Your Own Make Up by Lori of Health Extremist Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin by Adrina Grigore Simple Scrubs to Make and Give – by me! Crunchy Betty’s Food on Your Face: For […]

DIY Coconut-Lavender Hair Mask

Coconut-Lavender Hair Mask

Hair masks are useful in treating dry and damaged hair. They are easy to make and often include only one or two ingredients. The effectiveness of a hair mask can be increased by adding heat. Heat helps the healing properties of the mask penetrate the hair more deeply. Simple ways to add heat: Wrap a old […]

How to Make a Full-Body Clay Mask

clay mask for the face and body

Clay masks are one of the easiest natural beauty products to make. They are very effective in removing toxins from the skin and are well loved for their pore cleansing and skin balancing abilities. Many types of clay will work for this mask. See the different varieties of clay here. How to make a full body […]

How to Make a Simple (and Natural) Hand Lotion

homemade natural hand lotion

With the winter months approaching, you might find yourself with dry hands. Indoor heating and cooler weather are notorious for drying out skin. Keeping a nourishing hand lotion within easy reach is helpful in keeping scaly, lizard-skin at bay. Most store-bought lotions don’t fit my natural standards, so I find it easier to make my […]

How to Make Vanilla Extract

how to make vanilla extract

Homemade vanilla extract is simple to make and much less expensive than store-bought vanilla (REAL vanilla extract, not imitation). To make vanilla extract, cut vanilla beans in half, lengthwise, stopping before you reach the top, so there is a small part left attached. Place beans in a large jar and fill with vodka. Close tightly with […]

How to Make Plantain Salve

Plantain Salve

Plantain is excellent for treating all manner of wounds and skin irritations. Bug bites, cuts and scrapes are some of the most common issues treated with plantain. While it would be beneficial to treat such conditions with fresh plantain, it may not be available when you need it. Thus, the plantain salve is born. This […]

Strawberry-Chia Facial Scrub

diy strawberry-chia face scrub

This strawberry-chia face scrub may not be anything to look at, but it certainly does an excellent job of removing dead skin cells and brightening the skin. Make this face scrub in a couple of minutes and use immediately. Thaw out a frozen strawberry for this recipe, if fresh ones are not available. Use organic strawberries, […]

9 Uses for Roses in Your Home

9 uses for roses in your home

Guest post by Brittney Wren.  Roses are sweet in many ways. They will brighten up your home while on display and can also be used around your home to improve health, to enrich your life with beautiful crafts, or to host elegant teas or luncheons. Health Benefits Roses have some powerful medicinal and therapeutic properties, which […]

DIY Lavender-Rose Bath Soak

DIY Lavender-Rose Bath Soak

This bath soak was created to provide relaxation for the body and mind. The combination of salts in this bath soak help to soothe tired muscles and may even draw out toxins. The  minerals contained in the salts may also be absorbed through the skin, providing added benefits beyond relaxation. The scents of rose and […]

10 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

essential oil and lavender flowers

Lavender essential oil is well-known for it’s ability to reduce anxiety and enhance a feeling of  serenity. It’s also frequently used for promoting relaxation and sleep. Lavender also has anti-microbial properties. Diffuse Diffuse lavender essential oil to help bring peace and calm to your surroundings. I love my essential oil diffuser and find that adding […]