50 Homemade Gift Ideas {and DIY Packaging tutorials}

50 Homemade gifts and DIY packaging tutorials

If you’ve been around here long, you know my fondness for homemade gifts. I’ve always thought that homemade gifts bring a sense of love and care with them. Knowing that someone took the time to create something with their own hands has a way of making you feel special. I’ve compiled a list of 50 […]

How to Make 100 Natural Body Care Gifts in an Hour!

bath tea bags

How would you like to get most of your Christmas gifts made in one hour? You can. In fact, you could make more (I’ll explain how in a minute). Tonight I made 100 gifts in one hour and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it too. The end result will be: […]

How to Make a Simple (and Natural) Hand Lotion


With the winter months approaching, you might find yourself with dry hands. Indoor heating and cooler weather are notorious for drying out skin. Keeping a nourishing hand lotion within easy reach is helpful in keeping scaly, lizard-skin at bay. Most store-bought lotions don’t fit my natural standards, so I find it easier to make my […]

How to Make Chocolate Peppermint Lotion Bars

chocolate peppermint lotion bars

These lotion bars are one of my favorite things to make. They smell delicious and moisturize very well. My goal here at A Delightful Home is to only share tutorials for homemade products that are simple and easy. These chocolate peppermint lotion bars fit the bill perfectly. I’m not exaggerating about them being simple and […]

How to Make Calendula Salve (and why you should)

ho to make calendula salve

Calendula. A humble flower, with many uses. Also known as the pot marigold, calendula is highly favored for its skin healing properties.It is also excellent for sensitive skin, making it perfect for using with babies and children. Making a salve allows us to harness the calming and anti-inflammatory powers of this wonderful plant. The best […]

How to Make Dried Lavender Pots

how to make dried lavender pots

If you haven’t guessed, I like lavender. I like the way it smells, I like the way it looks. Lavender is a wonderful herb for treating many ailments. It dries easily and stays beautiful for a long time. Making it perfect for indoor decorating. It’s rustic look adds a pleasant, homey style to any room […]

Make a DIY Mother’s Day Gift Basket in Less Than 30 Minutes


Want to make something special for your mom, but think you don’t have time? Hop over to Green Your Way where I show you how to make a sweet gift in under 30 minutes. It’s sure to pamper mom and you will feel pretty good, too. Click here to get the step-by-step instructions. Share this […]

How to Make All-Natural Body Butter

homemade body butter

Body butter. It’s a luxurious treat. Perfect for dry skin in winter. And it’s easy to make! Making body butter follows my favorite method for creating natural, skin care items: measure, melt, and pour. So simple! I’m sharing step-by-step instructions and detailed information about the ingredients at Simple Homemade today. Read the post: Homemade Body […]

DIY Hot Oil Hair Treatment

DIY hot oil hair treatment

Back when I used to get a perm every year for my birthday (I was going for the Nicole Kidman look), I’d routinely apply hot oil hair treatments to soothe my dry locks. I always loved the way the treatments made my hair feel so soft and smooth. I don’t get perms anymore, and I […]

How to Make Crate Bookshelves

how to make crate shelves

Ah, yes! I need a better picture. This one was taken when they first went up. Will try to add more soon. Once upon a time I browsed Pinterest and came across a picture of some bookshelves made from crates. I knew I needed to have these in my home. And soon. You see, most […]