12 Mod Podge Project Tutorials!

Mod Poge is a type of craft glue, sealer, and finish. It’s easy to use, just paint on with a brush. I’ve enjoyed using Mod Podge to make decorative jars and labels for homemade gifts and a few handmade signs. But, apparently there’s a crazy amount of stuff you can create with a little Mod […]

Teaching Kids to Cook on Their Own (& Easy Nut Butter Cookies)

When I left home at 18 years of age, I could bake shortbread cookies and make scrambled eggs (in the microwave!). And nothing else. It was a sad state to be in. Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things since then and have even managed to teach my own children to cook. I didn’t really know […]

Making Chores Fun: The Laundry Game

Sometimes chores are just plain dreary and overwhelming. If you are willing to be a little silly, you can get through them quickly and have fun doing it. Here is an example: Once upon a time there was a mountain of clean, unfolded laundry on a bed, in a house, somewhere in the U.S.A. Sadly, […]

Do your Kid’s want Email? Here’s a safe way to let them

My kids have begged me for email over the past few months. My oldest is only 11 , so I didn’t feel she should have an unmonitored account. But my greatest concern was all the spam and other questionable stuff that comes through. I was nervous about what she might be exposed to through her […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Zingy Spice Mix

My kids love to cook. I think that’s a fairly common thing. Sometimes letting kids cook gets very messy. And sometimes it’s a little dangerous with all the hot pans and sharp knives. One thing I’ve found that is super easy for them to do (and is not dangerous at all – no chance of […]

Hamburgers Kids Can Make

The past year I have been blessed with a daughter who has taken off in the kitchen. It is such a help and quite honestly, I’m still amazed at the things she can do! Last night she made burgers. The burger patties are baked in the oven, so there is no need to worry about […]

Frugal Family Fun: Intentional Attention

Today was a good day. We didn’t do anything outstanding, just spent some good time together having fun. Not all days are like this. If I’m being completely honest, even today had it’s moments. Everyone was crying at one point! And I was a little too grumpy when they woke me up early this morning. […]

Family Fun: Make Seed and Bean Art

Yesterday my son and I wanted to do something arty. We settled on creating some bean and seed art. (It’s not as fancy as it sounds.) We set up a still life on the dining table and got drawing. I enjoyed sitting beside my son and talking while we sketched out our display. I’m reminded […]

Family Fun: Have a Family Workout Night!

I’m not sure how fun having a family workout actually sounds, but it really can be a blast. I promise. It’s also quite hilarious. We are having one tonight! So, just imagine us leaping around the living room. It’s quite a sight, I can assure you. There are many ways to have a family workout […]

Frugal Family Fun: Make Bookmarks from Old Jeans

This morning my kids and I enjoyed a simple craft: making bookmarks from old jeans. All that’s required are some old jeans, pinking shears, felt, scissors, and craft/tacky glue. I’m sure this could be replicated with scrapbook paper or foam, too. Step One: Use the pinking shears to cut a rectangle from the old jeans. […]