I’m eating Thanksgiving in the garage!

I’m eating Thanksgiving dinner in the garage. But it’s not just any garage! It’s a Thanksgiving themed garage! Yes, my family takes Thanksgiving rather seriously. A picture of our Thanksgiving in my mother-in-law’s garage a few years ago. When my grandmother-in-law had a shiny, new garage built, she decided it would be a perfect place […]

Benefits of a Life Offline {A letter from my daughter}

It happened on an afternoon that found me with anxious nerves swirling in my belly. I worried about the posts I wanted to write (or felt I needed to write) but couldn’t carve out the time to type even one word. There were comments and emails waiting for replies. Invitations without a response. These weighed […]

Our 5am Mother-Daughter Date

You may have noticed me ask the following question on our Facebook page last week: My 11 year old wants to go to Peet’s coffee at 5am for a mother-daughter date! Would you get up at 5am for a mother-daughter date? The response was overwhelming. Everyone said “Yes!.” I was pretty sure I would, but […]

Frugal Family Fun: Intentional Attention

Today was a good day. We didn’t do anything outstanding, just spent some good time together having fun. Not all days are like this. If I’m being completely honest, even today had it’s moments. Everyone was crying at one point! And I was a little too grumpy when they woke me up early this morning. […]

Family Fun: Have a Family Workout Night!

I’m not sure how fun having a family workout actually sounds, but it really can be a blast. I promise. It’s also quite hilarious. We are having one tonight! So, just imagine us leaping around the living room. It’s quite a sight, I can assure you. There are many ways to have a family workout […]

Frugal Family Fun: Make Bookmarks from Old Jeans

This morning my kids and I enjoyed a simple craft: making bookmarks from old jeans. All that’s required are some old jeans, pinking shears, felt, scissors, and craft/tacky glue. I’m sure this could be replicated with scrapbook paper or foam, too. Step One: Use the pinking shears to cut a rectangle from the old jeans. […]

How to have a Family Draw {at Simple Homemade}

Are you looking for a frugal, easy-to-implement, family fun idea? Well, I have one for you! It’s called the Family Draw. I’m sharing all the details (including eleven ideas for adding variety) at Simple Homemade. Read the post here. Before you go, here is a behind the scenes look at what happened after I took […]

Bigger Picture Moment: These sounds . . .

{Image Credit} A few days ago I was watching a show on the computer to make my task of cleaning and sorting through some drawers a little less boring. The youngest was napping and the older two were playing together in one of the bedrooms. I was feeling pretty happy with the set up. In […]

When small things are BIG things

Image by Andrea Pokrzywinski (I wish I’d been able to take my own picture, but my camera was among the messes described below!) This afternoon I sat on a chair, acting as a barrier between my 18 month old and the floor. She stood next to me eating blueberries happily. I looked at the table […]

My Boy

Here is a picture of my son doing a balancing act on his sister’s bed. (I’m sharing this as part of the MOB Society’s Boys in Motion Link-Up) It seems my son is always trying to balance in some crazy fashion. As a toddler her was always falling off the kitchen chairs! He doesn’t fall […]