How I Made 50 Homemade Gifts in Less than an Hour (and how you can too)

50 homemade gifts

Last night I set myself a challenge to make 50 gifts in an hour. And I did it, with time to spare. I’ve mentioned before how simple making all natural body care can be, and I hope this post will show you just how easy it is. I made hard lotion bars, lip balm, and […]

How to Make Bath Cookies

bath cookies

Want to treat yourself to cookies without gaining a pound? Try the following bath cookies! Just mix the ingredients and bake like regular cookies, then let one or two melt in the tub, get in and relax. No calories consumed. Bath cookies are made with salt, eggs, and baking soda, which are wonderful for your […]

Treat(s) of the Day

I just wanted to let you know that I have been sharing some fun (and simple) pampering ideas on my Facebook page most days of the week. These things that are too short to make into a blog post, but helpful ideas none-the-less. A few treats I’ve shared over the past few days: Treat of […]

How to Make Facial Toner

chamomile toner

My monthly post at Keeper of the Home is up. This time I’m sharing how to make facial toner. I provided a number of recipes in my post, including the soothing Chamomile toner pictured above. All of the recipes are easy to prepare, and some barely require any work at all (except heating some water). […]

How to Treat Bug Bites Naturally

how to treat bug bites naturally

Did you know and onion can help soothe a bug bite? How about garlic? Or a common weed found in many backyards across America? Find out all the details in my post at Keeper of the Home: How to Treat Bug Bites Naturally. It’s fun to read the comments on the post and see that […]

How to Make Plantain Salve

Plantain Salve

Plantain is excellent for treating all manner of wounds and skin irritations. Bug bites, cuts and scrapes are some of the most common issues treated with plantain. While it would be beneficial to treat such conditions with fresh plantain, it may not be available when you need it. Thus, the plantain salve is born. This […]

Big Sale at Vintage Remedies (including Family Herbalist Course)

Vintage Remedies Family Herbalist Course

Alert! Alert! Vintage Remedies Sale. These don’t happen often, so read on for details. Family Herbalist Course Supplies Photo courtesy of Vintage Remedies I’ve mentioned how much I love Vintage Remedies before. They have some of the most thorough, yet easy to understand, natural living resources out there. I enrolled as a student in their […]

Peppermint Foot Scrub {and some other fun ideas for using peppermint}

Peppermint is one of my favorite herbs because it is easy to grow and has so many uses. Well known as a digestive aid, peppermint is also a powerful energizer and useful in treating headaches and fatigue. I’m sharing four simple treatments that include peppermint at Simple Homemade, including this lovely foot scrub recipe: Invigorating […]

How to Make a Simple Lavender Body Oil

lavender body oil

Body oil is excellent for dry skin. It feels extremely luxurious, but need not be kept for special occasions; body oil is a perfect moisturizer for every day use as it hydrates skin exceptionally well. To use body oil: apply to damp skin after a warm shower (even better if you’ve used a body scrub). […]

Vintage Remedies for Tweens {50% Off}


I bought Vintage Remedies for Tweens for my kids this past Christmas. We LOVE it. Vintage Remedies for Tweens teaches 7 – 13 year olds about natural, healthy living with an easy-going, conversational tone and lots of hands on activities. I’m passionate about health and wellness and want to share this love with my kids. […]