I had to quit coffee. Here’s what happened next . . .

quitting coffee

Growing up, I never expected to be a coffee drinker. I hated the taste. Tea was more my thing and well-suited my British heritage. However, a number of years ago, fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks. I have three children and live a busy life. I couldn’t keep up anymore. I was just […]

3 Steps to a Naturally Healthy Home

3 steps to a naturally healthy home

Giving your home and health a natural living overhaul can be a huge task. One that may seem overwhelming and difficult. When there are so many things to change, it’s hard to know where to start. I believe there are three simple steps that will get the ball rolling with as little pain as possible. […]

Listen to me talk about DIY natural beauty products!


A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Jendi (of Mom Prepares) and we talked all about how to create natural beauty products at home. The podcast is now live! Listen to it here.  Besides learning about natural beauty products, you can hear my strange America-Australian hybrid accent. It’s kind of funny. But, I can’t help […]

How I Discovered my Thyroid Condition

how I discovered my thyroid condition

I get asked this question quite frequently. I thought it best to put my answer on the blog, so more of you can find it easily. As you may remember, my health started declining a few years ago. I was constantly exhausted and anxious. I gained weight and couldn’t get rid of it no matter […]

Whipped Mango Body Butter Recipe and Tutorial

body butter ingredients

Preparing a simple body butter is quick and easy. However, some body butters can become a little too firm and difficult to apply or are excessively greasy. This whipped mango body butter aims to avoid both of those pit falls and turn out light and fluffy, almost like a whipped topping, silky smooth, and highly […]

Lavender Salt Scrub and Soak Kit Giveaway (+ Bonus for DIY Lovers)!

lavender sea salt mini kit

In celebration of the Ultimate DIY bundle, I wanted to offer a fun giveaway for something I love. A luxurious, detoxifying DIY Dead Sea Salt, Olive Oil & Organic Lavender Scrub Mini kit from Homegrown Collective! Kit includes: Dead Sea salt Organic lavender buds Olive oil Loofah Jar to store scrub Muslin bags Instructions for […]

The course that changed my life . . .

course that changed my life

I’m nervous to share this because it’s very humbling. Sharing such a great struggle scares me, plus I’m also worried about being judged . . . In early 2013 I was depressed and frustrated.  My body felt out of my control. Weight kept piling on, even when I ate very little.  I was exhausted and […]

Best Homemade Beauty Recipes of 2014

Best Homemade Beauty Recipes

This year I dove deeper and deeper into natural, homemade beauty. It is one of my greatest joys to share how simple and easy it is to create natural body care at home. Yesterday I finished the natural skin care development course I’ve been taking throughVintage Remedies. It took me two years to complete it! […]

10-Day Healthy Living Makeover {FREE eCourse}

healthy living makeover

Want your home to be a healthier place? Want to feel better, inside and out? If so, I’d love to help you! Create a Healthier Home and Body with the 10-Day Healthy Living eCourse. This free 10-day eCourse will come right to your inbox. It includes inspiration, information, and practical tools to help your home […]

Sometimes you don’t know how far you’ve gone until you come back . . .

photo (40)

As you may remember, the past year and half have been difficult for me. Right before I discovered my thyroid condition and autoimmune disease, I hit the bottom of the pit. It was miserable. Not just for me. My family struggled as well. Mommy was not the same anymore. I wasn’t the woman my husband […]