Embracing Self Care: Health and Spirituality

effect of diet

This is Week Two in the Embracing Self-Care Series. Find the introduction here and Week One here.  Our own health and spirituality are two of the largest factors determining the quality of life we enjoy and also that of our own family. Yet, these are the things that often slip by the wayside. I know […]

How to Make Cocoa Powder Eye Shadow {DIY Make-Up}


Most make up is full of chemicals. I buy the most natural make up I can find. But it can be expensive. I recently stumbled upon the fact that some foods can be used as make up! This is usually super frugal and relatively easy too. One of the simplest methods for creating an all-natural […]

10 Soothing, Healing and Detoxifying Baths

10 soothing, healing, and detoxifying baths

When I think of a bath, I usually think of a time to relax and let the stress of the day drain away. Baths are a pretty rare thing for this busy mom, and they probably are for you too. But, perhaps we could find time for a few more soaks in the tub once […]

What is Plexus Slim?

plexus drink

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be trying a 30 day experiment with Plexus Slim to see if it would help alleviate some of my Hashimoto’s symptoms. I gave a brief description about the supplement, but thought some of you would like to know more about the ingredients and what they do. […]

A Health Update: Hashimoto’s Diagnosis

health update

I saw these pretty clouds at the park last week. They make me think of paintbrush strokes. God is the ultimate artist. I’m finding that being sick and dealing with a chronic illness has helped me to pay more attention to these little details in life. As promised, here is a health update for anyone who […]

My word of the year


Nourish. I started 2013 with the word discipline. But, after my health took a downward turn, it became obvious that nourishing my body, mind and spirit was most necessary. Doing the things that nourish me requires discipline, I must be sure I go to bed at a decent hour and also have the discipline to […]

Baked Avocado-Eggs Recipe {Plus, 9 Ways to Eat Avocados}


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Hass Avocado Board. My husband jokes that if there is a gap in any food, I fill it with avocado! He’s right. I do. And why not? Avocados are not only tasty, but seriously good for you. I love that avocados are nutrient […]

20 Ways to Reduce Stress

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Stress wrecks havoc on your life. Stress steals joy, harms health, and strains relationships. Unfortunately, I know this from experience. I’ve been working on reducing stress. Here’s what helps (in no particular order): 1. Do less,  much less Cutting stuff out of my life has made room for more down time, more sleep, and eliminated […]

How to Make 100 Natural Body Care Gifts in an Hour!

bath tea bags

How would you like to get most of your Christmas gifts made in one hour? You can. In fact, you could make more (I’ll explain how in a minute). Tonight I made 100 gifts in one hour and I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it too. The end result will be: […]

How to make Solid Perfume Sticks

solid perfume sticks

Every time there is a new bundle sale, I go crazy making natural body care products, new recipes, and home remedies. I just can’t help it. I love that so many resources are available  that clearly explain how to do these things at home. It’s wonderful. This time I made solid perfume (from the MadeOn […]