How to Make Herb-Infused Honey for Natural Skin Care

How to Make Herb-Infused Honey

Herb-infused honey is also known as medicinal honey. It is a can be added to tea and used as a method for administering herbal medicine. Besides being pleasant to consume, herb-infused honey is also an excellent addition to masks and scrubs. It is a simple way to include more herbal benefits in your skin care […]

Natural Beauty Spotlight: Jenuinely Pure

Jenuinley Pure face set

Today I want to share this special company with you. One whose products I’ve used for at least three years now (maybe more): Jenuinely Pure. When I started to seek out natural alternatives to skin care for myself and my family, it was somewhat daunting. I knew I needed to find products that were free […]

Prevent Wrinkles with this DIY Moisturizing Eye Serum

DIY eye serum

  The delicate area around the eye should be treated very carefully. This ares can easily become dry, which allows wrinkles to form. Of course, we are all getting wrinkles. And we don’t aim to stop them completely! But, we don’t want wrinkles to arrive before their time, right? Applying a simple moisturizing serum to the area […]

Delightful Links: Natural Beauty Edition

DIY Natural Beauty Links

Since we are learning about natural beauty this month, today’s weekend links are all along that theme. It’s fun to create natural beauty products with your own hands! I hope you find some inspiration in the following posts. Herbal First Aid Ointment @ Vintage Remedies DIY Rosemary Orange Body Butter @ Vintage Remedies 5 DIY Oatmeal […]

3 Lifestyle Factors that Affect Your Skin

3 Lifestyle Factors

Many aspects of our lifestyle directly impact the condition of our skin. Beautiful skin is achieved by much more than the products we use. Today we will discuss the top lifestyle factors affecting our skin: stress, sleep, and food. Stress The nervous system and the skin are connected. The state of the nervous system can greatly […]

Vibrant Living Challenge Update (Plus LAST CHANCE to win a Fit Bit & 4-Month Supply of Supplements

greens and smoothie - a delightful home

A few weeks ago I mentioned participating in the Vibrant Living Challenge. I wanted to give you a quick update on how it’s going. Highlights So far, my favorite aspects of the Vibrant Living Challenge have been adding greens to my smoothies regularly and exercising more consistently. I found these two steps to be fairly […]

Giveaway: $1000 Shopping Spree to Thrive Market!

thrive market giveaway

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike shopping? (In-store shopping that is. Online shopping is much more enjoyable.) One reason I dislike it so much is that it takes such a great amount of time! And I don’t have much of that to spare these days. I also don’t care much for lines, crowds, […]

Strawberry-Lime Gummies Recipe

homemade strawberry lime gummies

Homemade gummies are a delicious treat. They are easy to make and taste great. Plus, these particular gummies have the benefits of beef gelatin, which is gut healing and nourishing to the body in many ways (see more of the health benefits of gelatin here.) I know that gummies made with beef gelatin sounds pretty […]

The Health Benefits of Gelatin

health benefits gelatin

Gelatin is part of my daily healthy living routine. I started consuming gelatin on a regular basis because of it’s effectiveness in healing the gut, but have continued because of it’s many other benefits. Some of the benefits of eating gelatin include: improved bone health joint recovery improved skin, hair, and nails (stronger and shinier!) […]

Healing from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis {My Best Tips}

Healing from Hashimoto's

Over the past two years, I have been on a healing journey. It started with me sick in bed for ten days with shingles. It then moved on to a Hashimoto’s diagnosis and multiple food allergies. From there I’ve been steadily climbing up out of the pit. It’s been hard. And slower than I’d like. But […]