How to REALLY Get Healthy

Note: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will only be on sale for 2 days only – from 12am EST on Monday, December 29 until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, December 30. Details here.  How do we really get healthy? Over the past year I have examined this question closely. There was a time when I would have said getting […]

Want to get healthy? Join me for 42 Days to Fit.

Just in case you hadn’t heard, my sister and I are teaming up with Brandy of The Marathon Mom to bring you 42 Days to Fit. A 6 week series to help you get on track and find our way to a healthier lifestyle. It starts tomorrow! It’s free. The details are up at The […]

Suzanne Bowen’s 30 Minute Slim Down Challenge {Giveaway}

A few months ago I tried Suzanne Bowen’s 30-Minute Slim Down Challenge. It’s a great program that is easy to follow, inexpensive, and effective. I think it’s perfect for all aspiring Real Fit Moms! Suzanne Bowen is giving away one membership over at my fitness blog. I really want you all to check this out […]

Family Fun: Have a Family Workout Night!

I’m not sure how fun having a family workout actually sounds, but it really can be a blast. I promise. It’s also quite hilarious. We are having one tonight! So, just imagine us leaping around the living room. It’s quite a sight, I can assure you. There are many ways to have a family workout […]

Delightful Links for the Weekend – Health and Fitness Edition

Since tomorrow is New Year’s Day, I thought it fitting to share a few links regarding getting a healthy start to 2012. {Image credit} We are at the starting line, the whole year stretched before us. What are we going to make of it? It’s hard to stay committed, but it can be done, as […]

Exercising First Thing – Why I’m Doing It!

I’ve tried exercising at different times of day: morning, afternoon, and evening. It seems that with growing children, my schedule is every changing and growing too. I put off exercising first thing in the morning for a long time because I was just too tired to do it! But with the new sleep I’m getting […]

Staying Motivated to Exercise (at Keeper of the Home)

Now is about that time that many of our New Year’s resolutions become hard to keep. Real life is settling in. Many of us want to improve our health, but find it hard to make it a priority. Exercise is one of the key ingredients to feeling good mentally and physically. It’s also one of […]

Developing the Exercise Habit

Image by lululemonathletica Last month I shared a few tips for developing the exercise habit over at Keeper of the Home. Getting fit is a new year’s goal for many, but it can be overwhelming. I hope this post is helpful! Here’s an excerpt: Every new year many of us vow to exercise regularly and get […]

Introducing Real Fit

UPDATE: We moved Real Fit Sisters to Real Fit Moms. It has a new post or two. I have a wonderful sister. She is one of my very best friends. The sad part is, she lives in Australia and I live in the USA. I miss her. We decided it would be fun to work […]

Easing into Exercise: Establishing the Workout Habit

Image by Timtak We all know how good it feels to exercise regularly. But for many, it is one of the first things to be bumped off the to-do list. We use many excuses in order to avoid exercise, one of the greatest being “I don’t have time”, quickly followed by, “I’m too tired”. How […]