The Guilt and Shame of Chronic Illness

guilt and shame of chronic illness

Having a chronic illness is the pits. It just is. I want to tell you how I’m over-coming (and I am), but truly it is just plain hard. The most difficult aspect is the guilt and shame that washes over me. I feel guilty that I need to rest instead of playing outside with the […]

Embracing Self-Care: Peace in the Home

small kitchen

Peace in the home. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? What provides peace in the home will be different for every one, but I venture to say there are a few methods that are the same for most of us. For me, I’ve got three main areas that I’m working on to being more peace to my […]

Embracing Self Care: Health and Spirituality

effect of diet

This is Week Two in the Embracing Self-Care Series. Find the introduction here and Week One here.  Our own health and spirituality are two of the largest factors determining the quality of life we enjoy and also that of our own family. Yet, these are the things that often slip by the wayside. I know […]

Embracing Self-Care: A Community Blogging Project

Embracing Self Care

Many moms feel guilty when it comes to doing things for themselves. Sometimes we believe it is selfish to take time away from the family. Even if it is to exercise or take a shower! I used to have this guilt, but much of that has melted away over the past few months. You see, […]

Three ways to minimize stress this year

3 ways to minimize stress

Are you ready to stress less? I am! Reducing stress has been a major project for me for the past six months. I can honestly say that I am getting there. Six months ago I had an anxious knot in my stomach almost daily, but now it’s rarely there. I thank God for that! Today I’m […]

My word of the year


Nourish. I started 2013 with the word discipline. But, after my health took a downward turn, it became obvious that nourishing my body, mind and spirit was most necessary. Doing the things that nourish me requires discipline, I must be sure I go to bed at a decent hour and also have the discipline to […]

What if we went small instead of big?

be faithful in small things

Go big or go home! You’ve probably heard that saying. Many times. I get that it’s trying to push us to do our very best, give our all, and reach for the stars. But, frankly, I’m a little tired of it! The yelling voices of do more, be more, ring loud; I want to tell them […]

20 Ways to Reduce Stress

feet in the dirt

Stress wrecks havoc on your life. Stress steals joy, harms health, and strains relationships. Unfortunately, I know this from experience. I’ve been working on reducing stress. Here’s what helps (in no particular order): 1. Do less,  much less Cutting stuff out of my life has made room for more down time, more sleep, and eliminated […]

Four Ways to Establish Lifelong Bonds with Your Baby

(Image credit) Creating close bonds with my children has been a strong focus for me ever since they were born. I think most of us would say that. I’m thankful for all the time I’ve had to connect with my kids and build a strong foundation with them when they were young. I’ve made lots […]

How I’m giving my daughter freedom on the internet

freedom on the internet

I have a love-hate relationship with the internet. I love that it allows me to find information in just a few clicks, stay connected with family across the ocean, and shop for groceries form the comfort of my own home. But there’s also a scary side. Internet stalking is real. Internet bullying is on the […]