Lavender-Rosemary Fire Logs

rosemary and lavender

These herbal fire logs smell lovely and add a delightful fragrance to a fire place or wood stove. They are simple to make and have a beautiful, rustic look. I have used lavender and rosemary, however, other herbs would be work very well. How to Make Lavender-Rosemary Fire Logs You will need: 10 stalks  dried rosemary […]

How to Care for Your Cutting Board (Naturally)

cutting board care

Photo credit: © Damianpalus | This is an excerpt from the expanded version of Simple & Natural Green Cleaning Guide (my newest eBook). It’s available in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle this week! I love my wooden cutting board and use it daily. I like that it is a natural surface to prepare food and I also find […]

The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle (97 ebooks for less than 31 cents each!)

health and fitness 1

THIS SALE IS NOW OVER. If you’d like to know about future eBook bundles and other special offers, click here to sign up for notifications. As a new wife (and then mom), I had no idea how to manage a home, no idea how to raise children, and not a clue as to what went […]

Learn how to use Essential Oils {helpful books}

essential oil books

Some of you have asked what books I might recommend to help you learn more about essential oils. Today I’d like to share with you the books I use. These books are quite comprehensive and I don’t expect you would need much more than what they have to offer. With that said, I’m certain there […]

How to Get Started with Natural Cleaning

natural cleaning title

Today I’m at Sam’s Noggin, sharing tips and recipes for those who are just getting started with natural cleaning. Check it out here.   Share this post: Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend

Peace and Joy at Home {Day 13}: Clean Your Home Naturally


So, using non-toxic cleaners may not be as important to crafting a home full of peace and joy as developing loving relationships. But for me, it does bring a sense of calm and serenity as I relax, knowing there are fewer toxins flying in the air. It also brings joy because the kids can help […]

Go Green & Save Green: 5 Natural Cleaning Tips

Go Green Save Green

I’m excited to be participating in the Go Green & Save Green Series with several other green bloggers this week!  We’ll be talking about different areas of green and natural living, showing you how to go green while saving money at the same time!  Be sure to check out the great links at the end […]

Going Green: 10 Ways to Use Vinegar

Vinegar - clean and deodorize the green way!

Vinegar to clean the windows, Vinegar to clean the floors, Vinegar to clean the shower, Vinegar to clean the walls! I love vinegar! Inexpensive and non-toxic, vinegar actually gets things clean! Best of all, my kids can use it, so I don’t have to do all the cleaning myself. I’m sharing my top ten uses […]

Homemade Air Freshener: Calming and Deodorizing Room Spray

room deodorizing spray

I’ve never been a fan of commercial air fresheners. They smell terrible and are loaded with chemicals. So what should you do when the room needs a little refreshing? The best thing is to open the windows and let in some fresh air! Even when it’s cold, it is a good idea to open the […]

Homemade cleaners for the entire house

homemade non-toxic cleaners

Homemade cleaners are a cinch to make an require only a few ingredients. I love making my own and knowing exactly what is in them. It’s also wonderful that the kids can clean without the fear of chemicals. Earlier this month I shared (at Keeper of the Home) how easy it is to make cleaners […]