Quick Pantry Makeover (while making pancakes!)

Last night I happened to catch Crystal’s periscope in which she shared her newly decluttered kitchen. It was inspiring. (See her post and pictures here.) I jumped right into my own kitchen and did a quick tidy, but got distracted with cooking and prepping for the morning. As soon a I got up today, I knew […]

Take Back Your Mornings!

Do you feel like your mornings have gotten away from you? Like the morning is happening to you rather than YOU happening to the morning? If so, you are not alone! I used to have a decent morning routine, but have let it slide lately. Without an intentional morning, I feel like I’m starting the day […]

Getting it Together at Home

I’ve never been an excellent homemaker. I entered the realm of marriage, motherhood, and homemaking with little preparing or instruction. It’s been tough to develop these skills, but also fun to learn how to take care of my own little domain. Even though things were humming along OK (not awesome, but OK) they seemed to […]

Building Family Systems {A Giveaway!}

I have often found myself overwhelmed as wife and mom. At times I’d even say I was paralyzed; filled with plans, desires, and hopes, yet completely unsure how implement them. When it comes to raising kids and building a thriving family, there is a lot to think about: How can we train and discipline our […]

MORE Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

If you missed the first installment, you can find all the tips here.  Continuing on. . . Limit social media Yeah, I know, it’s a hard one. For me, as a stay at home mom, social media gives me some wonderful interaction throughout the day. But there are times when it causes distraction and ends […]

Time Savers for Busy Moms

It always seems like there are more things to do than hours in the day. Recently I sat down to brainstorm the ways I could save time in order to do more of the things my family enjoys (and to be honest, to have  more time for some quiet by myself!). Here are some of […]

Quickly Containing a Mess with Rubbermaid All Access Tubs

I’m on a mission to declutter and organize my home. It’s just too hard to function in a mess.  And it’s not just about getting rid of messes, it’s about making things easy to get to. If things are difficult to access or put away, I’m not likely to deal with them at all.  My storage spaces are […]

Get Organized with the 2013 Confident Mom Planner

I know Christmas is just a few days away, but so is the New Year! I’m already thinking about organizing my home and making plans for 2013. How about you? Are you hoping to stay more on top of things this year? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and disorganized? Yes to both of those […]

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life {Giveaway}

Making our hopes and dreams a reality is often a matter of exercising discipline. With a little self-discipline it seems that anything is possible. When I think about the areas in which I struggle, a lack of disciple in often at the root. In fact, I’d go as far to say that discipline is one […]

This Week’s Goals

Well, it took me two weeks, but here I’m finally letting you all know how I did on my goals. Actually, it took me about two weeks to accomplish most of what was on the list. Last week’s goals: 1. Post the rest of the self control series. Yes, this has been on my to […]