What it feels like to have an autoimmune disease

what it feels like to have an autoimmune disease

I sat in the rocking hair, surrounded by a chattering, and happy family. It was Christmas morning. I smiled at their joy, but inside I asked myself, “Is this what it feels like when you are dying?” The hollowness of my eyes was heavy and throbbing, my stomach churned, my body ached, my nerves were […]

I had to quit coffee. Here’s what happened next . . .

quitting coffee

Growing up, I never expected to be a coffee drinker. I hated the taste. Tea was more my thing and well-suited my British heritage. However, a number of years ago, fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks. I have three children and live a busy life. I couldn’t keep up anymore. I was just […]

Sometimes you don’t know how far you’ve gone until you come back . . .

photo (40)

As you may remember, the past year and half have been difficult for me. Right before I discovered my thyroid condition and autoimmune disease, I hit the bottom of the pit. It was miserable. Not just for me. My family struggled as well. Mommy was not the same anymore. I wasn’t the woman my husband […]

What one of my rest days looks like

day of rest for a weary mom

Since burning out a few months ago, I’ve tried very hard to rest more often. It’s taken a while to be comfortable with doing less, but I think it has been the key to my recovery and the lessening of the anxiety that swirled inside me. This month at Keeper of the Home, all of […]

Blessings of illness


It’s been a little over four months since I was flat on my back, sick in bed, for ten whole days. That was just the wake up call . . . I had been feeling pretty crummy for a good, long while. Stomach-churning anxious every single day. That stomach-churning anxiety had been my companion for […]

Hitting the bottom and crawling out . . .

E taking pics in Yosemite

The images in this post are from a family trip to Yosemite we made a few weeks ago. We had to postpone it because I was so ill. I was thankful to eventually go and enjoy God’s beautiful creation with my loved ones. *** It began with a sharp pain in my leg that I […]

At home this weekend . . .

Making cake

This time last year I was in Pennsylvania having fun (and also dying of nerves) at my first ever blogging conference. I decided not to go this year, although I would love to, and am a little sad to miss out, but also pleased to be here at home with my own little family. We […]

When You Feel Like You’re Failing


Do you ever feel like everything is falling apart? That you could just curl up in a ball and cry? Do you have conversations with yourself that list all the things you are doing wrong? I think most of us do this from time to time. I discussed what to do when you find yourself […]

Reevaluating and Rearranging My Life and This Blog


Freesias in our sandy backyard. I‘ve been composing this post in my mind for over a month and I still don’t know what I want to say . . . I feel awkward talking about myself to in this way, but I know when a blogger I read stops writing very frequently, I wonder what […]

A Day in the Life


Today I’m joining my friend Rebekah and sharing an hour by hour snapshot of my day through pictures. To see Rebekah’s day and the days of others, visit her Day in the Life post. These photos document our day on Wednesday, January 18, 2012. 6:50am – Allowed myself to sleep in until the kids woke […]