Embracing Self-Care: A Community Blogging Project

Embracing Self Care

Many moms feel guilty when it comes to doing things for themselves. Sometimes we believe it is selfish to take time away from the family. Even if it is to exercise or take a shower! I used to have this guilt, but much of that has melted away over the past few months. You see, […]

Loving the Extroverted Child


Written by guest contributor Jessica Smartt of Smarttereachday.com Do you have any extroverts in your family? Ohhhh, we do. Here are some of my mom-of-an-extrovert confessions: I have to drag my children away from extended conversations with the Fed-Ex man, random people walking their dogs, and anyone in a public place who makes eye contact […]

Teaching girls to respect their bodies (and each other)


A few years ago two girls asked my daughter if I had gained weight. It was a few months after I had my third baby and my tummy was still poking out a good bit (plus, I had probably gained a few pounds, to be honest). My daughter came to me, wide-eyed, and said that […]

A Letter to Your Loved Ones

Image from stock.xchng The following is an updated version of one of the first posts I wrote here at A Delightful Home. It’s not always pleasant to think about dying, but it’s part of life. Thinking ahead can make it easier on our families. We just don’t know when our time is up. “We’ll be […]

How to be a lovely-lovely mommy

how to be a lovely lovely mommy

I stumbled across the living room in the early morning, trying to scoop my 3 year old from her bed before she woke her siblings. She likes to call, “Mommy” as soon as her eyes open. I sat her on the counter to chat with me while I got the coffee ready then proceeded to […]

Help For a Horrible, No Good Day of Motherhood

horrible, no good day

This is a guest post from Jessica Smartt A few years ago, I had a long stretch of hard days. I had two boys under the age of two. My husband worked all the time. My youngest would scream every night from 5-9 pm. The only thing that helped was to cram everyone in a […]

Are you a desperate mom?


I lay in bed crying. “I’ve already ruined my daughter and she’s not even 4!” Afraid. Alone. Worried. Scared. I felt like I’d failed and I’d barely begun. How can I be a good mom when I don’t know what I’m doing? —- That’s me a few years ago (my girl is 11 now), but […]

Let. It. Go. (A Giveaway)

Let It Go

I don’t like it when things don’t go my way. How about you? I’ve never thought of myself as a control freak, but when I really stand back and think about it,  I feel most frustrated when things don’t go how I think they should. Expectations often get the best of me. The tighter I […]

Introducing: The Confident Mom


Do you ever feel unsure as a mom? Do you get overwhelmed by all that you need to do in a day? I know I do. Today I want to introduce you to a helpful website: The Confident Mom I found The Confident Mom some time ago and have been visiting her blog again and […]

Let Go of Perfection and Just Do!

Winston Churchill Quote

I wonder how many good things I have missed because I decided not to try, feeling I would not do them perfectly. Or, how much extra stress I have caused myself and my family because of my drive to do things just right. Thankfully, over the years I have let go of my tight grip […]