How to Freeze Avocados

Ever buy a bunch of avocados, only to have them ripen all at once and end up going bad before you could eat them? This happened to me multiple times and was quite infuriating since avocados are on the more expensive side! Even though I’ve wasted a whole lot of avocados over the years, I […]

How to Make a Chef’s Salad

One of my favorite healthy meals is a Chef’s salad. It’s so easy to put together and can be tweaked to use whatever ingredients are on hand (including leftovers). A traditional Chef’s salad includes a bed of lettuce topped with meat (such as turkey, ham, or chicken), cheese, tomato and a hard-boiled egg. When making […]

Avocado, Mango and Lime Summer Salad

The past two days we’ve talked about the importance of having a little healthy fat with your salad and then the benefits of avocado and ten ways to use avocados. Today we put them both together in one salad recipe: Avocado, Mango and Lime Salad It’s light, refreshing, and a little different. I’m sharing the […]

How to Host a Salad Supper {Simple Hospitality for the Spring and Summer}

I was first introduced to the idea of having a Salad Supper when graduating from Bible college in 2001. Every year during graduation week, the ladies would have a Salad Supper. There would be a speaker, some awards and recognition, and everyone would bring a favorite salad to share. It was lovely. Because graduation is […]

Culinary Uses for Lavender

If you were intrigued by the idea of adding lavender to shortbread cookies, you might like to read my post at Frugal Granola today: Culinary Uses for Lavender. In this post I share a few ideas for incorporating lavender into some of the dishes many of us already prepare such as brownies, cookies, and lemonade. […]

10 Ways to Use Honey (in your food and on your skin)

God gave us a wonderful gift in honey! Full of antioxidants, honey provides energy and healing power! In fact, one study showed that daily consumption of honey led to improved blood antioxidant levels (as noted in Healing Food by Micheal Murray, N.D., page 650). Honey is a great natural sweetener and also beneficial when applied […]

Simple Tomato Salad

I’m sharing how to make this lovely, fresh tomato salad over at Keeper of the Home today. It’s so easy and good! Visit Keeper of the Home to learn how to make it!

Gorgonzola and Toasted Walnut Salad

Salad can be so refreshing. It can also be downright boring! It is always nice to find a new and interesting salad combination. Adding nuts and some type of fancy cheese is my default way to spice up a salad. Using a variety of greens, leafy vegetables or herbs is also an excellent way to […]

Whole Foods for the Holdidays – Salad Recipes

Crisp lettuce, fresh produce, delectable dressing. . .mmm,  I LOVE a good salad. If you do too, hop over to Naturally Knocked Up and check out the delicious salads linked up today as part of the Whole Foods for the Holidays Progressive Dinner. I added my Favorite Salad Nuts, because, well, they’re my favorite! What’s […]

Rainbow Rice Salad

Yesterday I mentioned that Almond Brown Rice would be lovely as a base for rice salad.  Well, today I tested out that theory and am pleased to report that it was proved true.  The following is the recipe I used to make the salad in the above picture.  It could easily be adapted to your […]