How to Freeze Avocados

Ever buy a bunch of avocados, only to have them ripen all at once and end up going bad before you could eat them? This happened to me multiple times and was quite infuriating since avocados are on the more expensive side! Even though I’ve wasted a whole lot of avocados over the years, I […]

A Simple Guide to Roasting Vegetables

Roasting is one of my favorite ways to prepare vegetables! It’s perfectly simple, requiring little more than chopping, tossing in oil, and placing in a hot oven. During roasting, vegetables become lovely and crisp on the outside, tender and soft on the inside. Roasted vegetables are a wonderful accompaniment to any fall or winter meal. […]

How to Roast Tomatoes

Have you ever roasted tomatoes? They are SO good! Roasting brings out the sweetness of tomatoes, making them incredibly delicious (even though they don’t look very pretty). Roasting tomatoes is very easy, and once they are roasted, the tomatoes can be used for a variety of dishes: add to soups add to pasta sauce (or […]

How to Identify and Use Winter Squash

If you have ever wondered how to use the different varieties of winter squash, you may want to rad my post over at Keeper of the Home. It’s full of ideas for using different varieties such as: acorn squash, butternut squash and Hubbard squash. Yum! Read the post here.

Kids in the Kitchen: Zingy Spice Mix

My kids love to cook. I think that’s a fairly common thing. Sometimes letting kids cook gets very messy. And sometimes it’s a little dangerous with all the hot pans and sharp knives. One thing I’ve found that is super easy for them to do (and is not dangerous at all – no chance of […]

Quickest Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

This is the quickest yeast bread recipe I have ever come across. It only requires one rising instead of two, which means I can go from grain to hot, yummy bread in about an hour! (I also use a Bosch mixer which speeds things up a little.) From my studies it seems that sourdough is […]

Simple Tomato Salad

I’m sharing how to make this lovely, fresh tomato salad over at Keeper of the Home today. It’s so easy and good! Visit Keeper of the Home to learn how to make it!

Sweet Potato and Feta Mash (a hearty side dish)

During our recent trip to Australia, we had the pleasure of watching Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals a number of times. The kids absolutely loved watching him cook. And I’m pretty sure I yelled out, “Yum,” at least 10 times each episode (while my Dad said, “hold off on the oil Jamie!”). Anyway… The very […]

Favorite Green Bean Casserole (and other Real Food Holiday Recipes)

I recently shared my family’s favorite Green Bean Casserole recipe over at Keeper of the Home. I never liked green bean casserole until I made this version. It is yummy and uses real food ingredients. No canned soup! Woo hoo! Stephanie also created a HUGE list of real food holiday recipes you will want to […]

Almond Brown Rice

Almond Brown Rice is a simple, yet surprising variation for brown rice .  It can be used in most recipes calling for plain rice.  Lovely as an accompaniment to chicken and vegetables, it is also great in casseroles and excellent as a base for rice salad.  The addition of wheat berries or wild rice makes […]