DIY Rosemary Hair Oil (and Mom Conference Bonuses!)


Rosemary is great for hair. Rosemary had been known to invigorate the scalp, stimulate hair growth, and soothe itchy skin. This makes it a great addition to hair and scalp treatments. One easy way to utilize the benefits of rosemary is to make rosemary oil. Rosemary oil is very simple to prepare. I’ll give you […]

Margin, Priorities, and Time for the Important Things


As moms most of us are forever hunting up better ways to manage time, keep margin in our lives, and make room for the most important things. Today I’m sharing a few podcasts, posts, articles, and books that have helped to me. I hope you find them useful: Picking Your Priorities – Podcast from Power […]

Embracing Self-Care: Know Thyself

time for rest

When I was a new mom, people kept telling me to take baths and naps. I can see why, and they do sound rather nice, but I just didn’t want to. I was younger then. When I transitioned to living a life that focused mostly on caring for another human being, I craved intellectual stimulation […]

The Mom Conference – I’m Going. Are You?


  NOTE: The Mom Summit is now The Mom Conference and it is taking place one week later, April 7 – April 14. As a mom there is always so much to learn (and do)! I know I am constantly searching for ways to make life easier or do my job as a mother more effectively. […]

How to Deal with Sugar Cravings

how to deal with sugar cravings 550

t’s 4 p.m. and you find yourself in the kitchen pantry, rummaging through the baking supplies, trying to find that half used bag of chocolate chips. You know they must be somewhere. And you must find them right now! Is this you? It’s certainly been me on more occasions than I care to admit. Sugar […]

White Sugar is REALLY Bad for You!


Duh! You say. Yes, I know. Most of us are well aware of this fact by now. But, I think it’s easy to let it slide and think, “Hey, it can’t be THAT bad. Surely.” Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of how bad white sugar actually is so that we can strengthen our resolve […]

Delightful Links and two announcements


I finally made zucchini noodles for the first time! It was fun and the family enjoyed eating them in place of spaghetti! I used this spiral vegetable slicer. I can’t wait to see what else I can spiralize! Some great reading this week: Why I haven’t quit homeschooling yet @ Gidget Goes Home Boundaries Aren’t […]

The importance of “time-outs” for moms

timeouts for moms

Do you ever feel that you are too busy to take time out for yourself? Maybe you feel lazy or guilty for taking time out? Perhaps you say, “When things settle down, then I’ll take some time to do something for me?” But things rarely settle down. The stars do not align. For moms, there’s […]

Need Help Going Green? Get the Go Green Bundle – Only $7.40


My Simple and Natural Green Cleaning Guide is available as part of the Go Green bundle this week. This version is different to the free one I offered a while back. It has some has some of the same content, but is expanded and revised. Going green can be overwhelming — researching various topics, deciding […]

3 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Home


Sometimes thinking about what exercises to do (and when to do them) can be overwhelming. Sometimes the thought of exercising at all can be overwhelming! As you know, it truly is worth the effort to move your body. It’s not just helpful physically, exercise also boosts your mental well-being. Exercise does not have to be […]