Delightful Links for the Weekend

bee and lavender

I hope you have all been enjoying the beginning of summer. I’ve spent a lot of time among the flowers this week and have been blessed by it. I’m always amazed at the creativity and design present in the simplest of flowers. So much beauty! Here are a few of my favorite reads: How to […]

Goals for this week


 I don’t have a great picture for this post, so how about another one from our trip to Tahoe a few weeks ago? It’s so beautiful there! I’m trying to be more goal oriented. It’s a challenge for me! Distraction is waiting at every turn! Here is what I’m working on this week: Personal 1. Stick […]

Creating a Healthy Home

Do you want to create a healthy home for your family? Do you ever find it difficult to decipher truth amidst fear mongering and scare tactics? Would you like to sift through the mountains of advice and evidence available and feel confident about the decisions you are making for your family? How about getting clear […]

80 Vegetable Side Dish Recipes {and a Challenge Update}


As we strive to increase our intake of vegetables during the vegetable eating challenge (and beyond), it becomes necessary to plan out meals and side dishes in a little more detail. No more adding a token amount of warmed up frozen veggies to our plates as an after thought. No! We are intentionally making vegetables a part […]

Delightful Links for the Weekend

BeautyCounter Skin Care and Cosmetics

I hope you had a wonderful week! Mine was full of plans and preparations for more veggie eating! Here are some of my favorite reads from this week: How gratitude affects the human body @ The Huffington Post What we consume determines the life we live @ Becoming Minimalist Beauty in what remains (a different […]

What’s Coming Up on A Delightful Home

testing scrubs

After a long break, I’m ready to start some new things here at A Delightful Home. I always like to know what to expect, and thought you might too. With that in mind, I’m sharing some details about what will be happening in this space over the coming months. Simple Scrubs to Make and Give […]

Waterproof labels for DIY body care products

weatherproof labels

Waterproof or weather-proof labels are helpful when making natural body care items. Even if products are not kept in the shower or by a sink, it’s likely they will get wet from time to time. Waterproof labels keep your homemade packaging looking pretty for much longer. The following waterproof/weatherproof labels can be written on by hand […]

iHerb Coupon Code

beeswax beads iherb

iHerb is another wonderful online resource for buying pantry items, natural body care supplies (ready made or ingredients for DIY), and supplements. You can also buy natural hair color! One reason I love iHerb; it carries a wide variety of products. They have a huge selection of herbs. Natural body care supplies, including ingredients for DIY […]

Nurturing Your Creativity (PLUS 3 HOURS LEFT TO GET YOUR DIY BUNDLE!)


Creativity should be nurtured.  Why? Because it helps you grow, relax, think, and find satisfaction. Creativity is not just about painting or drawing or scrapbooking (although these are wonderful endeavors). Creativity can be found in anything. I love this quote from Renee Tougas, author of Nurturing Creativity:   If you’ve been thinking about getting the […]

Whipped Mango Body Butter Recipe and Tutorial

body butter ingredients

Preparing a simple body butter is quick and easy. However, some body butters can become a little too firm and difficult to apply or are excessively greasy. This whipped mango body butter aims to avoid both of those pit falls and turn out light and fluffy, almost like a whipped topping, silky smooth, and highly […]