4 Essential Habits of Healthy Families

  My friends over at Spark Health and Ultimate Bundles have put together a FREE mini-course called “The 4 Essential Habits of Healthy Families”. The course contains a collection of quick and easy-to-follow lessons on the following topics, from specialists in their respective fields: Essential Habit #1: “Nurturing your Best Self” (with Heather from Mommypotamus) […]

Foster a Love of Reading in Your Children


In an age of smartphones and tablets, computers and video games, books often get tossed aside or taken to the thrift store. With so many distractions, your kids may not have as much interest in reading as you did when you were young. Help turn your kids into reading enthusiasts with these tips and tricks: […]

How Music Enhances Home Life (Plus: Lenovo 500 Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway!)

speaker phone

  Music has accompanied me through many ups and downs. Music soothes me. Uplifts me. Enhances special moments. And even helps me change my attitude. Music (and audio books) play an important role in my home life. Here are a few ways music makes home life more enjoyable: Who doesn’t like baking to some fun tunes? […]

LAST CHANCE to claim FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap & $10 Credit

epantry goodies - adelightfulhome.com

You have until tonight to claim your Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, $10 Credit, and FREE Shipping at ePantry! Even if you’re thinking that you don’t need anything from ePantry, you might want to take a quick look. Here’s a quick look at some of the fun stuff you could get: ePantry carries: lots of green […]

Get $200 in Real Food GIFT Certificates when you pre-order The Micronutrient Miracle

The Micronutrient Miracle

I wanted to alert you to an awesome deal and amazingly simple way to save money on real food this week! Get $200 in Real Food GIFT Certificates when you pre-order The Micronutrient Miracle This week we are celebrating a great new book by Jayson and Mira Calton. Grab your copy of The Micronutrient Miracle (from […]

5 Steps to Getting Over Relocation Depression


  What’s the hardest part of a move? It’s hard to say; there’s the packing, the goodbyes, and the struggle of selling your old pad and finding a new home. Then there’s the post-relocation depression, those feelings of nostalgia and sadness that wash over you as you sit in a new home in a new […]

How to Add More Probiotics to Your Diet (Plus a Giveaway!)


Probiotics have grown in popularity over the past few years. And for good reason. I don’t think it’s just a passing trend, but the fact that probiotics are beneficial to our health, which is keeping them in-vogue. I won’t go into all the benefits today (because I bet you already know most of them), but […]

Delightful Links ( and a few deals)

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This pic is from one of my Beach walks last week.  If you are in the USA, I hope you enjoyed a happy Independence day. The past two weeks have been extremely full for me. We’ve spent some good time with friends, walked on the beach, and done about a million loads of laundry. I’m […]

Delightful Links for the Weekend

bee and lavender

I hope you have all been enjoying the beginning of summer. I’ve spent a lot of time among the flowers this week and have been blessed by it. I’m always amazed at the creativity and design present in the simplest of flowers. So much beauty! Here are a few of my favorite reads: How to […]

Goals for this week


 I don’t have a great picture for this post, so how about another one from our trip to Tahoe a few weeks ago? It’s so beautiful there! I’m trying to be more goal oriented. It’s a challenge for me! Distraction is waiting at every turn! Here is what I’m working on this week: Personal 1. Stick […]