How to Use Bergamot Essential Oil to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Bergamot Essential Oil is an interesting oil. It actually comes from the skin of a citrus fruit that is inedible. The fruit looks similar to a lime, but it bumpy! Here is what bergamot looks like: Bergamot essential oil has a fresh, citrusy scent. It is uplifting, mood boosting, and stress-reducing. It has even been […]

How to Make Natural Blush with Hibiscus

Natural blush is one of the easiest homemade make up products to create. It usually requires nothing more than mixing some herb or vegetable  powder with a little arrowroot. Today I’m going to show you how to make blush with hibiscus flower powder. The end product is quite light and good for every day use. […]

Delightful Links: Natural Beauty Edition

Since we are learning about natural beauty this month, today’s weekend links are all along that theme. It’s fun to create natural beauty products with your own hands! I hope you find some inspiration in the following posts. Herbal First Aid Ointment @ Vintage Remedies DIY Rosemary Orange Body Butter @ Vintage Remedies 5 DIY Oatmeal […]

Essential Oils for Families

Remember how I told you could get three essential oils for free? Well, I completely neglected to mention another amazing resource that will help you learn exactly how to use essential oils in everyday life. This is no tiny little thrown together eCourse, this is in-depth, seriously helpful information. It’s the Essential Oils for Families […]

Delightful Links (and Bundle Winner!)

I love the above quote! I’ve had the opportunity to learn this truth over that past few years and can vouch for it’s effectiveness! It’s been a busy week! I shared a few scopes on Periscope this week. I still feel so awkward on there! You can see my coffee scrub demo here. And my […]

Want to learn more about herbs? You’ll love this!

Somehow I completely overlooked one part of the Healthy Living Bundle: The Herbarium. I’m so glad I finally noticed it, because, wow! It’s cool! What is the Herbarium? The Herbarium is part of the Herbal Academy of New England. It’s provides complete and constantly updated herbal monographs, photographs and thoughtful articles as well as educational […]

Coffee Scrub Demo

Ok, so, seriously, this is a bit embarrassing. I am trying hard to get used to broadcasting live on Periscope, but it involves me looking goofy pretty frequently. Anyway . . . I’m just going to go with it! Here is the scope I shared this morning, showing you how to make the DIY Spiced […]

Citrus Cleaner Demo

Quick Pantry Makeover (while making pancakes!)

Last night I happened to catch Crystal’s periscope in which she shared her newly decluttered kitchen. It was inspiring. (See her post and pictures here.) I jumped right into my own kitchen and did a quick tidy, but got distracted with cooking and prepping for the morning. As soon a I got up today, I knew […]

Color Psychology: The Effect of Color on Your Mental Health

Do you love staring at the ocean and feel calm looking at blue water? When you walk into room with red walls, does a restlessness jab at your insides? How about when you see bright green grass — do you immediately feel relaxed? Colors produce innate reactions and your responses to certain hues will impact […]