DIY Almond-Honey Facial Scrub for Smooth Skin

Honey Almond Facial Scrub |

This Honey-Almond scrub is gentle enough to use on the face. It's blends the benefits of honey with the subtle coarseness of ground almonds, to create a scrub that cleanses as well as exfoliates.

If you would like to take this facial scrub up a notch, use herb-infused honey.

How to Make a Honey-Almond Facial Scrub

This recipe is from my eBook, DIY Face Masks and Scrubs.

1 tablespoon ground almonds (make sure they are finely ground, no big lumps!
You can do this in a coffee grinder.)

1 tablespoon honey

honey and ground almond facial scrub

Mix together.

Spread over the face in circular motions, avoiding the eyes.

Wash off with warm water.

To make for a larger group (such as a spa night):
Mix 1 cup of almond meal with 1 cup of honey. Use one tablespoon (or slightly less) per person.

Makes enough for 16 to 20 people.

DIY Honey-Almond facial scrub

This is Day 12 in the 31 Days of Natural Beauty Series

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