Simple Citrus Bath Salts Recipe

I love to give (and receive) handmade gifts. To me, they say, “I love you. I thought of you. You are worth my time.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the body care recipes I’ve shared so far. I’ve had fun making them!

Today’s handmade recipe is: Citrus Bath Salts

Many Bath Salts recipes call for lavender or other calming herbs. And rightly so, it is nice to relax in the tub! But sometimes it’s fun to change things up. Which is why you will want to try this easy to make, energizing bath salts recipe. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and smells wonderful!

Making my own bath salts, and many other body care recipes, works for me because they are so much less expensive that the retail version and I have the peace of mind knowing what is in them.

Energizing Citrus Bath Salts

1 cup coarse sea salt

1/2 cup baking soda

10 drops lemon essential oil

10 drops orange essential oil

Mix the salt and baking soda until evenly blended. Add the essential oils and stir to distribute.

Put in a pretty jar with a tight fitting lid. NOTE: I have just read that bath salts made with baking soda can explode when kept in a jar! This has never happened to me, and every book I have read in regard to homemade gifts have recommended a jar. However, it may be safer to store bath salts in a paper, or zip-lock bag. Just to be sure! (Google exploding bath salts if you want more information). I cannot be held responsible if your relaxing gift becomes a bomb! Just sayin’.

Add 3 Tablespoons to a warm bath (best to add as soon as you start to run the bath so the salt has time to dissolve).

Easy peasy!

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  1. when baking soda gets wet and encounters acid it will produce gas. If it is tightly contained, it will explode. However, if you put the oil in the salt first and mix together before you add the soda, it is highly unlikely to cause a problem. You might also want to leave it sit for a few hours before closing it up.