How to make a banner to highlight your goals

I think I’ve been pretty clear about my highly distractible nature here on this blog. It’s been a blessing to learn that about myself because instead of constantly being unhappy about my struggles I now look for ways to work with my natural state of being.

Something that helps me is to keep things in front of my face. Reminders, so to speak.

This year I created some reminders for my goals by making pretty banners to hang around the house.

The one pictured above is the word we are working on as a family.

I also created a vertical banner, which serves as a list of character qualities to remember.

And had the kids make banners.

Maybe I went a little banner crazy.

You can see for yourself in my post at Simple Homemade.

To see all the banners, and learn how to make your own,  click here.


  1. Makes for a pretty picture and decoration!

  2. This is a fabulous idea! We love setting and working on goals through the year. I look forward to meeting you at BEECH!