Introducing: The Confident Mom

Do you ever feel unsure as a mom?

Do you get overwhelmed by all that you need to do in a day?

I know I do.

Today I want to introduce you to a helpful website: The Confident Mom

I found The Confident Mom some time ago and have been visiting her blog again and again to learn new tips or gain some inspiration and motivation for my mothering journey.

 The mom behind The Confident Mom is Susan Heid. She has a passion for inspiring Christian moms to make small changes managing their home and family life giving them more time, less stress and stronger family relationships! Susan is a mom, step-mom and foster mom to 4 children.

I love The Confident Mom blog because it’s full of practical tips. That’s what I need!

Some posts from The Confident Mom blog  you might enjoy:

31 Days of Mom Mojo: Tackling Time Management

Tips to Diffuse a Temper Tantrum

Promoting Independence with Money

Strong Mother Daughter Relationships

 In addition to the blog, Susan provides other helpful tools, such as:

Becoming a Calm, Cool, and Confident Mom Online Course

Families with Purpose Radio Show

The Confident Mom Household Planner

I’ve had a chance to look over and use the planner. It’s extremely helpful for highly distractable moms like me. Susan covers all the important to-dos (for example, this week she reminds you to get your Christmas cards done!).

I love that the entire week is one one page:

Planners for 2013 are now available (and come with the rest of 2012 for free).

You can also Follow The Confident Mom on Facebook and Twitter.

The Confident Mom is the newest sponsor of A Delightful Home. I will be sharing some of the wonderful posts and products with you.


  1. What a great idea! I would never have thought of it, but it would be spacious enough for a large family & friends without being crowded.