It’s My Birthday! I’ve Got Giveaways and a Discount Code!

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I’ve been alive for thirty-six years today!

My parents tell me it’s strange to have a child that old.

I believe them.

Since I was born in Australia, my birthday was technically yesterday. My sister says I get a birthday week, starting from my real  day of birth. I’ll take it.

This year my sister, Emma, and her daughter are visiting me for my birthday! They flew in from Australia on Friday (which is my defense for forgetting to put up the links post yesterday!).

It’s all very exciting. We’re not together for special occasions very often.

She’s even making a cake!

Isn’t my sister the best? You would like her. I’m sure.

To celebrate, I’m offering a 50% discount on my ebook, Simple Scrubs to Make and Give. Use discount code birthday at checkout. Code expires at 8 am MST on Tuesday morning (the 28th).

I’ve also got lots of giveaways! Since it’s birthday week and all.

Stay tuned.

The first one will be up in a few minutes.



  1. That is so exciting. I wish I was able to meet your sister. I’m sure she is as awesome as you :) Happy birthday!

  2. woohoo! have a wonderful celebration with your family. enjoy:)

  3. Happy Birthday, Stacy! So glad you are able to spend some time with your sis! Enjoy it!

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday, Stacy! Australia is a lovely country.

  6. Hope you have a happy happy birthday week!