Goals for this week


 I don’t have a great picture for this post, so how about another one from our trip to Tahoe a few weeks ago? It’s so beautiful there! I’m trying to be more goal oriented. It’s a challenge for me! Distraction is waiting at every turn! Here is what I’m working on this week: Personal 1. Stick […]

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The Need for Quiet

emerald bay

I’ve noticed a pattern unfold in my life over the past few years. . . Every few months, a swelling of overwhelm inside pushes me to retreat. I pull back from anything and everything and hibernate for a while. Doing as little as necessary in order to rejuvenate my mind and body. Doing as little […]

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10 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil

essential oil and lavender flowers

Lavender essential oil is well-known for it’s ability to reduce anxiety and enhance a feeling of  serenity. It’s also frequently used for promoting relaxation and sleep. Lavender also has anti-microbial properties. Diffuse Diffuse lavender essential oil to help bring peace and calm to your surroundings. I love my essential oil diffuser and find that adding […]

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Essential Oil Books for 99 cents!

This Tuesday, April 28, Buck Books will be hosting an Essential Oils Event. 8+ essential oil books will be 99 cents for 24 hours only. Get on the list here to be notified when the sale is live and find out which books are included in this sale! (I’ll give you a hint: one of […]

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How do I know a natural remedy is safe for kids?


Having children sent me deep into the world of natural living. I felt it was one of the best ways to help them grow up healthy and believed it could protect them for the harmful effects of toxins, chemicals, and overly processed foods. But, I was scared. When my children came down with a cough, […]

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Veggie Bonus Challenge!

bonus veggie eating challenge

If you are participating in the vegetable eating challenge, I’ve got a bonus challenge that will help you meet the 10 servings of vegetables a day quota. Ready? Eat veggies at every meal. Yes. Every meal. Consuming veggies throughout the day will not only increase your intake of vegetables, it will help you feel better as […]

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{Giveaway} Handmade Natural Skin Care Products from Me!

win natural skin care products

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about natural skin care products on this blog. Many of you have encouraged me in this endeavor, and I am so thankful for that. I’m putting together a collection of my favorite homemade skin care products and will be sending them to one of you! Each item will […]

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Creating a Healthy Home

Do you want to create a healthy home for your family? Do you ever find it difficult to decipher truth amidst fear mongering and scare tactics? Would you like to sift through the mountains of advice and evidence available and feel confident about the decisions you are making for your family? How about getting clear […]

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Getting it Together at Home


I’ve never been an excellent homemaker. I entered the realm of marriage, motherhood, and homemaking with little preparing or instruction. It’s been tough to develop these skills, but also fun to learn how to take care of my own little domain. Even though things were humming along OK (not awesome, but OK) they seemed to […]

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Delightful Links for the Weekend

skin care

I’ve been attending a fitness class at the dojo where my son takes martial arts. I saw the above quote on the wall and thought how true it was. Neither success or failure are forever, all we can do is continue to step forward in courage. Sometimes the bravest words we can say are, “I’ll keep […]

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