Health Benefits of Strawberries & 45 Strawberry Recipes


Strawberries are the favorite fruit of many. This delightfully sweet berry is not only delicious, it contains a number of health benefits. According to the Encylopedia of Healing Foods, strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins C and K, dietary fiber, and also a good source of manganese, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, and iodine. Strawberries […]

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Simple Lavender Salve

dried lavender

This lavender salve is one of my all-time favorite things to make. It smells divine, but is not over powering. Perfect for dry hands, it also relieves rough patches on elbows and knees. The best part: it is EASY to make. This recipe only contains 4 ingredients and a few simple steps. If you have been intimidated […]

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Delightful Links for the Weekend


Some highlights of this week (from the top left, clockwise) – Discovering a yummy new tea (that has some caffeine) since I’m now allergic to coffee. – Playing with my youngest daughter’s hair. She’s always had very short, wispy hair. But, it’s growing and it’s neat to do different things with it. Although, none of […]

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$300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Great things happen when bloggers unite… like this giveaway, for instance. Are you ready to win a $300 Amazon Gift Card? We can hear your inner voice: “Well, duh! How do I enter?” Step 1: Click on the link below If you were to win the gift card, what would you purchase? Let us […]

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Delightful Links and My Food Allergy Results!

gluten-free snickerdoodles

I hope you had a lovely week. Mine was good, except for one major discovery. . . I got my food allergy test results and I’M ALLERGIC TO COFFEE! Yes, you can feel sorry for me! It was an interesting find since in looking back, I can see that my health got worse after I […]

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Are you sick and don’t know why?

gluten and thyroid dysfunction

Some time last year I noticed that I wasn’t feeling well. My ability to function on a daily basis was dwindling. I came close to tears while pushing my cart at the grocery store. I wanted to crumble in a heap when someone asked me to do the smallest thing. I gained weight and could […]

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The Guilt and Shame of Chronic Illness

guilt and shame of chronic illness

Having a chronic illness is the pits. It just is. I want to tell you how I’m over-coming (and I am), but truly it is just plain hard. The most difficult aspect is the guilt and shame that washes over me. I feel guilty that I need to rest instead of playing outside with the […]

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Best 100 Juices for Kids (& Nourishing Carrot-Pear-Beet Juice Recipe)

100 Best Juices for Kids.jpg

Juice and kids seem to go together. When my children were younger, it seemed every play date and park trip was not complete without a juice box. As I learned more about natural living, I steered away from conventional juices, but still enjoyed a fresh one from time to time (and a boxed one every […]

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Delightful Links (& Thyroid Help)

foggy sunshine

This was the sun yesterday morning. I love the way it looks covered by fog! I found lots of good stuff online this week! How do you raise kids without all the clutter? @ Keeper of the Home The powerful difference between organizing and decluttering @ The Art of Simple Be gentle with yourself mama. […]

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Building Family Systems {A Giveaway!}


I have often found myself overwhelmed as wife and mom. At times I’d even say I was paralyzed; filled with plans, desires, and hopes, yet completely unsure how implement them. When it comes to raising kids and building a thriving family, there is a lot to think about: How can we train and discipline our […]

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