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My husband is preaching a funeral tomorrow.  He is working very hard to consider all things and do a good job. I love him for that.

I expect there will be flowers and tears from those who cared for this lady.  Laughter may mingle with heartache as her loved ones recall the good times. Regret may hover over some who left important things unsaid.

I once heard the question asked, “Why do we wait until the funeral to send someone flowers?”

Why do we?  Because life is busy?  Because we assume we will have more time?  Because we feel awkward?

If you love someone, tell them.

Life is short.  We don’t know how much time we have.  Make the most of it.

Send flowers. Write a note of encouragement.  Smile.  It will do you and the recipient the world of good!

And don’t forget to write a letter to your loved ones.

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  1. So funny you wrote about this today. I just returned from buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers for someone who is so special in my life.

    Thanks again. The timing was just perfect and I felt so good about the decision to buy them even when I almost didn’t because of the negative thoughts that sometime come into my mind like, “Well, they are pretty expensive and they will just die in less than a week, so maybe I shouldn’t.” But, they were just SO beautiful and I knew it would bring a smile to a face of someone so dear. 😉

    1. Gayla, I totally relate to the conversation you had with yourself! Sometimes it is worth it to spend a little money to give a gift, even if it is not something that will last (in a tangible sense). Think about how Mary poured the perfume on Jesus’ feet. That was very expensive, and considered by some to be wasteful. But it was an expression of love. And He appreciated it 🙂

  2. You are totally right. I think about my grandma, who is 89 this year and lives 3,000 miles away. When she’s gone, I will regret missing opportunities to show her I love her. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks for the post! Just browsing through the website and came upon this one. Didn’t send flowers, but sent chocolate instead! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and inspiration!