Soup for the Spring and Summer

Something about soup speaks peace to me. As long as there is enough time to prepare it. Chopping, sauteing, stirring…it's a comfortable ritual.

Then comes the lovely aroma that fills the house and lingers, saying we are blessed.

And yes, even in the spring and summer (especially spring). It's such a great way to use the produce that is available at your local Farmer's Market.

I'm at Keeper of the Home today sharing a simple spring and summer soup recipe.

Aromatherapy for Natural Living

Stacy Karen

Stacy is a DIY obsessed, healthy living advocate. A preacher's wife and mom of three, she loves to encourage others to live a natural lifestyle.

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  1. That does look good, but gotta say you must not live in the South, LOL. No soup until October, and no more after May. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

    Okay, unless you count raw, cold soups. Those are perfect for a 100+ degree day.

  2. I love veggie soup in spring in summer too. It is hard not to feel blessed chopping all the beautiful fresh vegetables.