Delightful Links for the Weekend {3/18}

The weekend is almost over and I’ve finally got a chance to sit down and put my feet up!

The picture above is of a snap circuit my son and I made this afternoon. It was our first one. We were feeling pretty fancy!

Here are a few good reads from this week:

Honoring the Spirit of Generosity in Our Kids @ Simple Mom – So hard.

Orange Berry Green Tea Slushie @ Laurel of LeavesLooks yum!

Don’t Quit Before Your Parenting Shift is Over @ Alpha Mom – Can relate.

A Resolution for Mothers @ Stretching into Blue – Amen!

Disconnecting to Connect: Nurturing Authentic Relationships by Limiting Media Distractions @ Simply Nurtured – Amen again!

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  1. Thanks for linking up to my slushie recipe! Hope you enjoy it ;)