DIY Rosemary Hair Oil (and Mom Conference Bonuses!)

DIY Rosemary Hair Oil 2 ways

Rosemary is great for hair.

Rosemary had been known to invigorate the scalp, stimulate hair growth, and soothe itchy skin.

This makes it a great addition to hair and scalp treatments.

One easy way to utilize the benefits of rosemary is to make rosemary oil.

Rosemary oil is very simple to prepare. I’ll give you two methods. Both are easy, one takes a little more patience.

How to Make Rosemary Hair Oil

Method One:

In a clean jar add 25 drops of rosemary essential oil to 1 ounce of olive oil. Cap tightly and shake to combine.

This oil can be used as a a hot oil treatment. Use about 1 teaspoon for mid-length hair and 2 teaspoons for long hair.

Massage into scalp and down through the ends of the hair. Cover head with a towel or plastic bag and let sit for an hour or so. This will give your hair a nice conditioning treatment.

DIY Rosemary Hair Oil - A Delightful Home

Method Two:

Fill a clean jar with dried rosemary (smash the rosemary a little before adding to the jar in order to let the oils more easily escape).

Pour enough oil into the jar to cover the rosemary and add a little extra.

If you’d like more specific measurements, use about 1 ounces of herb to 4 ounces of oil.

Cap tightly and leave the jar in a sunny window for 2-4 weeks.

Strain out the herbs and pour into a dark, glass bottle or jar.

Use oil as described above. Or follow these directions for using as a hot oil treatment.

Creating your own rosemary hair oil is easy and fun. Packaged in a pretty bottle, t would also make a lovely gift.

Speaking of hair. . .

This week I was captivated buy this simple video of quick and easy hairstyles for busy moms.


It’s part of the Mom Conference, which ends today. This hair video was one of the most popular videos and was brought back for FREE viewing today only. 

If you’ve enjoyed the Mom Conference, you’ll want to know that the recordings and transcripts (plus some awesome bonuses) are available through today for just $67 (price goes up to $97 tomorrow).

The Mom Conference has also added 20 Bonus Materials (valued at $272) for those who purchase the $67 package. Here are five of those bonuses:


  • Holly Rigsby’s Fit Yummy Mummy Interval program in addition to her Get Your Body Back Starter Pack ($57 value!)
  • Love Your Greens, 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge eBook from Unconventional Kitchen–over 40 Green Smoothie Recipes plus weekly shopping lists.
  • Abby Smith’s 20 Hairstyle Video Tutorials From Twist Me Pretty
  • April Perry’s 5 Steps To Less Stress eBook–simple ways to reduce your stress
  • Mandi Ehman’s Easy Homemade Cookbook, 60 easy recipes–over 15,000 copies sold!

Go here to get all the details.

This quote represents the kind of feedback we received from the conference participants:

“So many things I have already started, and I can see the snowball effect already. I have heard ways I can raise my kids, have a healthy marriage, and get a hold of my finances all for the better. I love how it is a community where I actually feel understood and accepted for what I felt were flaws. I see that I am a mom with the same feelings as everyone else.” 

If you are interested in purchasing this Mom Conference package, there are even three payment options:

  • One payment of $67
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Mom Conference




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