Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of my favorite natural living tools.

Having essential oils on hand allows me to create home remedies and natural cleaning products quickly.

Essential oils not only smell great, but hold abundant benefits.

I’ve been writing a little about essential oils here at A Delightful Home. Below is a list of some of the most helpful and interesting articles to those wishing to learn more about essential oils:

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How to get started with Essential oils

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Where to buy

I am not a one-brand kind of girl and use essential oils from a variety of sources, such as: Frontier, Aura Cacia, doTerra, Young Living, Mountain Rose Herbs, and Plant Therapy. I have been happy with them all.

I generally use the least expensive brands when making cleaners!

I do have a doTerra shop. If you’d like to visit it to learn more or purchase essential oils, click here.



  1. We love essential oils at our house too. I haven’t tried any vapor or chest rubs so I’ll have to try that out next. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My parents love organic essential oils, especially with Jasmine, Tea Tree and Lavender scents! :)


  1. […] Fill a small, 2 – 4 ounce, spray bottle with distilled water and add 80 to 100 drops of essential oil. […]