How to have a Family Draw {at Simple Homemade}

Are you looking for a frugal, easy-to-implement, family fun idea?

Well, I have one for you!

It’s called the Family Draw.

I’m sharing all the details (including eleven ideas for adding variety) at Simple Homemade.

Read the post here.

Before you go, here is a behind the scenes look at what happened after I took the pictures for my post:

Yes, that’s marker all over my two year old!

And her brother got tired of her drawing over his area and cut the paper in half! Nice.

Yes, it’s not all roses and buttercups.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, and here is one of my hubby getting in on the drawing action:

OK. I’ll let you go and read the post now:

How to have a Family Draw.


  1. The after photos look more like my house too. My 3 yr old loves to draw on her hands and legs.
    Love this idea and I’m going to look for some large white butcher paper so we can draw together.