How to Make a Full-Body Clay Mask

How to Make a Full-Body Clay Mask |

Clay masks are one of the easiest natural beauty products to make. They are very effective in removing toxins from the skin and are well loved for their pore cleansing and skin balancing abilities.

Many types of clay will work for this mask. See the different varieties of clay here.

How to make a full body mud mask

Makes enough for one whole body treatment.


Instructions for making (and using) a full-body clay mask

Mix clay and water  (or tea) to form a smooth paste.

Paste should be thick and have a pudding like consistency

Stand in the shower, without the water running.

Using your hands or a brush (such as a clean paint brush) spread the mud evenly over your face and body.  (You may also use a spatula, if desired).  Be sure to cover your legs, arms, face, and torso, but be sure to avoid your eyes.

Wrap yourself in a large towel (or put on a robe) to keep warm while the mud dries.

Leave the clay mask on for 15 minutes. Shower  off with warm water. Once the clay has been removed, do an extra rinse with cool water rinse, if desired.

Pat the skin dry and moisturize with body oil or lotion.

Clay Mask

This is Day  6 in the 31 Days of Natural Beauty Series.

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