My daughter is growing up!

My oldest daughter, known here as SugarBean, is growing up!  She will be nine next month.  I can hardly believe it!

In the past few months I have seen so many things click with her.  The two that stand out the most: she has taken off with reading and is gaining confidence to try new things.  She has always been extremely apprehensive, so this is saying a lot! She even “teaches” her own Bible class.

SuganBean is my intense child.  Intense describes her very well.  She really “feels”  and “thinks” 🙂 Although she still has a number of obstacles to overcome, I can really see her personality showing itself.

Lately she has had a great time drawing pictures and helping make tutorials for this blog.  She has always wanted to be a published illustrator/author. I can still remember her wanting to slip a homemade book onto the library shelf so others could borrow it!

Watching her grow up is bittersweet.  I love to have her home with me, but I know she won’t be under my roof forever. Spending time with my a daughter is definitely one of the finer things in life!

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  1. It’s interesting how I found this blog. My daughter, almost nine, just hit a maturity growth spurt. I was looking online for resources on what I can do as a mom to be on track with her, and found your blog. What’s really interesting… her nickname is Bean.